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TCF Bank Reviews

I am now a former TCF Bank customer. I created this site so I, and others, could share our TCF banking experience with the world.

I'll start by saying of all of the banks I have had accounts with in the past 10 years TCF Bank is by FAR the worst. I'll start from the beginning.

Back in the early 90's I was getting to the point where I needed a bank account. I was young (under 20) and had been living paycheck to paycheck and had just been cashing them at the local currency exchange. I was starting to get some bills and figured it was time to get a checking account so I could write checks to pay the bills and start living like an adult.

My hours were all over the place - I was working nights, weekends, days...it changed from week to week. Because of that, and generally being poor, there were two things I was looking for in a bank - hours and fees. I needed a bank that had late hours, convenient ATMs and low or no fees. AT that time TCF was one of the only banks in my area offering everything I was looking for. They had a TCF Bank branch in Cub Foods which was on my way to work, late hours and an ATM or two right in my area. I though I found the perfect bank and opened my account right away.

Within the first year TCF had "lost" two of my deposits, both of which I had made in person in the bank. Everyone, banks included, makes a mistake or two from time to time. What really ticked me off about TCF was their attitude of "it must be your fault, we're perfect". Because of those "lost" deposits I ended up bouncing 4 checks - two of which were to another company where I had an auto and personal loan. Because TFC dragged their feet in getting my issue resolved (even though I had deposit receipts) I ended up paying penalties with my loan company and was just generally embarrassed when my bounced check was taped to the register at the gas station I stopped at every day. Eventually it all got sorted out but I still ended up looking bad and going through a ton of aggravation.

I moved out of state about a year later to a state that did not have any TCF Banks so I closed the account. About 5 years later, I moved back to my home state for a new job. I figured my nightmare of banking with TCF was a thing of the past...and since there was a TCF Bank almost right across the street from new job I decided to open a new account with them. I was staying in temp housing while I was looking for a new place so I used my parent's address when I opened the account.

The first big issue came up about a year ago, 4 years after opening the account. I was in the bank to get a cashiers check for the closing on my new house which was taking place the next morning at 10:00. After about 1/2 hour in line I finally made it to the counter. The guy working the counter was nice enough and took all my info and had my cashiers check ready. Since it was a large amount their policy required him to have another teller/supervisor sign off on it. After a few minutes of behind the counter conversation the supervisor came back and told me they could not give me a cashiers check because the address on my driver's licence did not the address on my account. I explained that the address on the account was my parents house and pointed out that I had not changed the address associated with the account since I opened the account. I also explained that I was closing on my house the next morning and absolutely had to have my cashiers check, no exceptions. She stated if I could show another form of photo ID she would be able to give me the cashiers check. That seemed odd to me as I didn't think my identity was in question...I knew my secret PIN, answer to secret question, last 3 deposits and withdrawals, my online access login info, had 5 credit cards + a DL with my names, etc, etc. Apparently none of that mattered so I got back into my car and drove to my house to get my state ID....which had the same address as my DL.

When I got back to TCF and gave the supervisor my state ID she said that would not be sufficient because it also had the "wrong" address. I almost went off the deep end. I told her she did not tell me the address needed to match, she just needed a second piece of photo ID. She was still pushing me back so I made myself clear. I told her I was not leaving the bank without a cashiers check or all of the money in my account. After a few minutes of basically arguing she disappeared to an office and I saw her pick up the phone. She came back about 5 minutes later and agreed to give me the cashiers check saying a regional manager had approved it.

WTF. Instead of just calling the regional manager to get a pass on their stupid policy in the first place this TCF branch supervisor decided to put the customer, me, through a few hours of aggravation. End result - I got my cashiers check and closed on my house. I was pissed but the happiness of new house made me forget about my horrible TCF experience.

I moved into my new house and then changed jobs. Now I was about 75 miles away from the closest TCF branch so I depleted the account down to about $1 using my TCF debit card. I then called TCF to close my account. I was told I had to come into an office in order to close an account. When I asked why, the TCF rep I was speaking with said I had to sign some documents. I asked if they could just be faxed to me (explaining that I lived 75 miles away) so I could sign and fax/mail back and was told no, I had to physically come into a branch. I figured the hell with it, I'll just abandon the account. It's only a dollar or so and not having to deal with TCF Bank again is worth 100 times that.

Fast forward about 4 or 5 months. An item I had purchased with my TCF card broke. I returned it via UPS. About a month past and I had not received my exchange. I called the company I sent them item to and was told they no longer carries that item so they had refunded the card I made the purchase with. Sure enough, it was the TCF card.

Fortunately I still remembered my TCF online banking info. I logged in and was greeted with a surprise. About a month after I had abandoned my TFC account a company attempted to charge my account $10.00 (it was an unauthorized charge) which overdrew my $1.00 balance. TFC hit me with $70 or so in fees, closed the account and turned it over to collections. They claim they mailed me various letters letting me know about...I've yet to see them. Anyway, when the refund (it was over $300) hit my account they reopened it, took out what I owed them, then closed the account again. Nice of them wouldn't you say?

I gave the local TCF phone number a ring and was greeted by someone who was in day 1 or 2 of training. They were reading off a script and it was painfully obvious. I went through all the verification questions and then got lay out my case. Basically it went like this;

Me - You can just mail a check for the amount in the account to the address on file with the account.

TCF Bank - I'm sorry, if you want the funds from this account you'll have to come into a TCF Branch.

Me - Why? I live 75 miles away.

TCF Bank - That's our policy sir. You have to sign some paper work.

Me - Can you fax me the paper work and I can sign & fax back then you can mail the check?

TCF Bank - No, but sometimes a manager can maker an exception since you're out of the area.

Me - Put me on with a manager.

At this point she puts me on hold and about 10 minutes later I get "Charlie" who listesn to me make my case again. I'm about 30 minutes into the call at this point. "Charlie" then proceeds to tell me that he can't mail the check, a regional manager would have to approve it. I tell him to transfer me to a regoinal manager. Of course "Charlie" says the RM is out so he can't. I ask "Charlie" if I can just reopen the account. I actually have my TCF debit card still so I could just go get my funds from an ATM. Charlie says "sure, all you have to do is come into a branch..." and I stop him right there. We've already covered the reason(s) why I don't want to come into a branch.

Charlie takes my number and assures he will call me back the next day after he's spoke with a regoinal manager. No big surprise here...that was almost a week ago and no call from "Charlie".

TCF should take a lesson in customer service from Citi Bank. I had a savings account with them that I wanted to close so I could consolidate my savings. I called them up, told them I wanted to close the account and after I verified my security questions they said no problem. Two days later a check showed up in the mail for the full amount of my savings. No run around, no hassle. Just the opposite of what I got with TCF.

So here I sit with a closed TCF Bank account that still has a few hundred dollars of my money that TFC refuses to return to me. I'll post an update if that ever changes. I guess that's what I get for banking with them on and off for the past decade. The more people I talk to, the more it seems like poor service is the norm for TCF Bank. I spoke with some friends who have banked with TFC in the past (none of them do anymore) and without exception everyone of them had at least one horror story.

I decided to set this site up so people can share their TCF Bank experience - good, bad or otherwise. How has TCF bank treated you? Post your TCF Bank review for the benefit of all.


Thanks for making this site. I left TCF after the girl working the counter made a comment to another customer about how much money I had in my account. She didn't think I would hear her but she told the guy in line after me "at least you have enough money to bother with an account here".

ive been much happier with my local bank.
TCF's free checking is what drew me in. then I found out you get what you pay for.......
TCF bank in EVIL! They randomly lose records of deposits. Then you have to prove you made the deposit by showing the reciept. Every time you try to do any thing with your account, they want you to go in to the bank. When you go in to the bank, they have to call the "office" and have some one do some thing over the phone. I was drawn to them by the free checking also. You do get what you pay for. I pay $15 a month with citibank and I think it is worth it.

Chase is also working its way on to my crap list.... Time will tell.
TCF is barely even a bank. Stick your money in your mattress youll be better off.
I used to have a TCF account too, then I grew up, got a citibank account and have never looked back. Luckily my experience with TCF wasn't as ridiculous as yours. I was able to get out only after a few minor charges for crap I never did.

Nice to know someone cares enough to give them some bad press.
I think TFC bank is pretty good!
The employees at every tcf bank location I have ever gone to seem very poorly trained. I have been a customer with TCF for 3 and a half years and have been to 4 or 5 locations.
I have been to maybe 10 TCF locations in the 10 + years I banked with them. The worst one of them all was the TCF Ann Arbor bank branch in Michigan. I have never been treated so poorly by any company that handles my money.
what a bunch of complainers. tcf bank is the best bank i have ever used.
@ ^^^^ you must be 18 and tcf is your first bank. someone posted before that they grew up and startd using a real bank. so true!
TCF BANK at devon/canfield in park ridge,has the best customer service and the employees are very efficient and freindly. they have a great staff.
the jewel branches at tcf are the kmart of banking. they are rude,and very poorly trained. they are very slow when processing transactions. always new employees,no one ever stays.
While I can understand some of your concerns I feel that you are pitching a fit about stuff such as proper ID policy and are over reacting. While I am a current employee I do understand that yes some of the policies are not the best in the world, and there is nothing any of the tellers/supervisors/br mgrs can do about that. I don't know how much your offical bank check was worth but can only assume it was larger than $1,ooo.oo w/ that being said if your ID does not match the info on the account do you expect to easily leave w/ the check? It comes down to personal secrity, I believe that if they would have given you the check easier you would be complaining about them not verifing your ID. I don't know what industry you work in but the finance industry is very detail orientated and you cannot screw around w/ risking the chance of any fraudeulent activities. People whine about fee's all of the time at the bank, half of the people don't keep an eye on how they spend their money. Honestly I have had an account w/ tcf since before I was an employee and I have never had an over draft fee. The lesson, don't spend money you don't have. Anyone who has taken an economics class can tell you there is nothing that is free.The only person I can sympathize on this blog s the lady who had the tell make a comment about her balance to another customer, that was wrong and I'm sorry. I am pretty convinced that people will just complain about anything much like most of the comments on here because it helps them blame others for their lack of intelligence. Take some personal finance classes and learn about the BSA which is a federal manadate the gov makes banks follow before you whine about stuff.
@ the current TCF employee who posted above -

My check was for well over $1,000. It was a down payment for a house.

My issue was the fact that there was no question about who I was. I

- Knew my pin
- Had my TCF card
- Had photo ID and DL
- Could access my online bank account.
- Knew all the most recent deposits
- Knew all the most recent deposits
- Could name monthly transactions that were reoccuring
- Knew the answer to my secret question

Had my checkbook and everything else to prove I was who I was. My address had never changed and I had made numerous transactions for well over $1,000 during my time with TCF. One employee was even ready to give it to me, it was the "manager" who decided to be a pain.

People move all the time and denying a long time customer an important check (my own money!!!) over something so minor is the wrong way to treat a customer.

The bottom line is they gave me the cashiers check anyway ~ so who's breaking the "rules"?

I'd also say that had this been first "issue" with TCF I would have been ticked but just forgot about it in a few days. That's not the case though. TCF has a history of treating it's customers like garbage. As a matter of fact, the condescending attitude in your post makes me believe you really are a TCF employee. "We're better than you" attitudes tend to be par for course for TCF employees. Do they teach that during training or are they just really good at hiring people that can't interact with customers?

Thanks for posting and backing up my point about the poor customer service attitude that seems to go hand and hand with TCF. I'll let you get back to all your "whining" customers.
The first thing I would like to say is that people do complain about fees to banks all the time. Really... keep a register and you will not get fee's. I have accounts both at TCF and Wells Fargo. Wells has a higher overdraft fee and it posts the account at the time the purchase is made where TCF gives you until 3 pm that business day? I was in a branch a week ago, there was a mother with her 20 year old daughter yelling at the teller about her daughters fee's.. I was behind her in line while she was on her way to the window she was muttering swear words under her breath... The first thing I herd the teller say is "Do you keep a register? while the the mother said no she looks online everyday, the teller replied you really should still keep a register to keep an idea of what you are spending in a day, because it looks like on this perticular day you used your check card ten times... The mother lost it on the teller.. yelling at her... If I was her I would have donet the same thing.. nothing. once you yell and lose your temper no one wants to help you. Think about it when you get yelled at for things that are not your fault would you go out of your way to risk your job to help that person?
a stupid drunk neighbor of has one as well , but im havng problems too i have not had tcf very long just joined.i hate it too.
TCF is a horrible bank. They stole over 2000 dollars in NSF fees from our business account due to their underhanded business practices. And of all those NSF fees, only one (1) was from a actual check that a customer bounced. All other fee's were derived by their unfair cash and check posting policy.

Did you ever see the movie Superman II with Richard Pryor? The idea was to filter all the half cents floating around in the computers. Well, TCF has done the same thing by developing guidelines that take the banks position over the customers position.

Remember, the bank works for you, you don't work for the bank. They are supposed to be providing you a service at a reasonable cost, not try and squeeze every last penny from your account.

Some of their shady guidelines include:

1. no amount of cash deposited after 3pm will be available for 24 hours. This is absurd. You deposited CASH! and now you cant pay any bills with it for 24 hours. Why bother depositing it in the first place.

2. Variable posting dates. There is no guidelines for when a deposited check will post. Some three days, some 7 days. The issue arises when their online site or automated phone system tells you the check has posted and the funds are available. After speaking with a representative, she said both of those system are lying and the only way to get a true balance was to call and talk to a representative. This is very unreasonable. I have lost 100 dollars in the last week because of this. Checks used to post in 3 days, without notice, its up to 7 days.

3. Posting items in order to maximize bank fee revenues. TCF will post withdrawal first for a given day, then post deposits. So if you have a couple checks out and they post the same day as the funds become available from a deposit, TCF will first withdrawal the checks to see if you account will dip into the negative, then post the deposit and collect a fee.

I advise anyone considering joining this bank to say clear.

And for those employees of this bank or any bank that treats is customers like cattle; You don't like being yelled at, quit. Your working for idiot's and your always going to be the one who takes the heat. You think the CEO of your bank is sitting back listening to rightfully so irate customers, please. You want sympathy, look it up in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

For me, I am going to find a way to cash business checks at the bank they are drawn at, then take my cash put it in a nice box right next to my pistol and smile.
Getting a TCF account is like getting secureed credit card...yuo only want to do it if you really really really have too.
I like TFC bank. They are always nice to me and i never have any fees that im not supposed too.
I got a letter from TCF Trans Credit Financial (group of Kingsway Financial) it tells me I have won a large amount of money and to call 1-778-316-9153 and contact Jennifer Maxwell. Is this anything to do with your bank?
I live in MI and all the TCF abnks that I have been to here have very nice a professional people working at them. I have been with TCF for more than 5 years and have nervr had a single problem with them.

I would recomend TCF Bank to anyone!
Just like very other bank (or business) TCF has good employees and bad employees. Don't label an entire company as "bad" because of a few poor employees. My kids both have TCF accounts and outside of one somewhat rude teller we have never had a single issue.

Glad to see people are leaving some positive comments to balance out all these negative ones.
To the person who got the letter in the mail to call and talk to someone about there large sum of money... No that is a scam. they are stealing money form people around the world masking them selfs as banks.... wells fargo citibank and tcf are the most popular banks claimed. throw it away. or at least go and talk to a branch manager let them tell you it is a scam.

To all you complainers... KEEP A REGISTER and you will not get fees at TCF or anyother bank. Grow up and take some responsibility for your actions. There are many people who live there lives never getting banks fee's and others who get them all the time and complain complain complain..... putting the blame on the bank for your own "forgot" checks or card transactions. Whatever happened to not spending money until you actually have it...
To xtcfcustomer:
The fact of the matter is that only your drivers lic.and your pin are the only accepted form of identification that you listed. your online banking information is useless in proving who you are... the account activity does not prove who you are, and checkbooks are stolen all the time. Its called the Patroit Act and ALL banks have to follow it not just TCF. What if someone stole your wallet, had your checkbook they would have your card, check register with all the account activity, credit cards, drivers lic, and all your account info... what if they would have gotten that check instead of you... then you would be blogging about how they don't have strick enough policies on identifing there customers... I guess you would just bitch about anything and everything because it is there fault and not yours right?
To the poster above-

Nope, wouldn't be complainging at all. Citi Bank handles things like a real bank should, TCF makes every effort to make it difficult for you to get your money from them.

MY DL / address was fine with them for years and was even fine after the event I posted about above. You either have a policy or you don't. If my DL is fine one day it should be the next day too.

I'm the customer (x customer in this case) and it's my right to express my view on TCF treats it's customers. It's not just me...look at all the comments above and this isn't even a month old yet...
The only people who defend TCF bank must work their or have someone paying there bills who does. TCF is the joke of banking industry...
What I don't understand is why everyone is so mean. Yeah TCF may not be a good bank in my mind, but they are a business that needs to make money just like any other business. You don't like them fine. You like them fine. Whats in the past is in the past. Get over it, or continue on your day.
TCF's policies are far better then USBanks, whom I have banked with for the last two years, as far as closing your account, I moved from Arizona, where I banked with Bank of America, to Colorado. When I called to try and close my B of A account, they told me I had to come in to do it. . . the closest branch was in another state. That's bank policy. Likewise, the entire list of "Fraudulant and underhanded" bank practices attributed to TCF are also practiced by USBank, namely counting authorizations as actual withdrawals and charging overdraft fees for them, then immediately removing the overdraft fee, causing any other items that are authorized to bounce. When I banked with US Bank I overdrafted my bank account by 11 cents, however using the above described method they got over $400 in overdraft fees from me. When I called to see what could be done they were downright rude, when I asked for a supervisor he escalated to the point I was crying and then hung up on me. When I attempted to open a savings account to protect myself from such situations in the future, they said I had to go to a local branch to open the account and couldn't open one online or on the phone as offered. Since they are only open nine to six it would have required taking time off of work, I am much happier with TCF.
Looks like lots of people here can't read.

Looks like the two main issues are:

TCF makes things harder on it's customers than they have to. You don't need to physically go into the bank for everything.

A lot of TCF employees appear to be poorly trained or have bad attitudes...or both.

I banked with TCF for a year before I left for another bank and found both of the above issues to be true.
To those who said to keep a register....well I did and TCF still got their unjust fees. I inadvertently deposited a check by ATM into the account the deposit was made out to and forgot to endorse it June 15th. Keep in mind that this has happened before but I was told that because the check was being deposited into the account it was made out to, it was deposited by the bank without endorsement. Not this time. In my register I had enough of a balance to not worry, or so I thought. That is until the following Friday (June 22nd) when I received three maximum overdraft notices in one envelope as if someone just held them long enough to cause more overdrafts so that at 5:15 pm a week later I can't investigate and resolve the issue. I did find out that three hours after making my deposit on the 15th it was reversed. I had received no notice from loss prevention and still haven't, the teller couldn't see anything on his screen, no notes no nothing and I would have to wait till Monday. Well, today is Monday and I have wasted a whole day talking with this person, that manager, promises to call me back. Its now past the day's cut off and I have some lingering payments coming through. More overdrafts. I was given a Regional Manager's number and that was a fax number. Go figure. The issue was lack of endorsement but as most bank policies, when the bank decides to hold a deposit etc they MUST send you a notice the next day. Nothing still. In fact just today I found out it's still sitting in loss prevention and no notice! they apparently wrote one but it has never arrived. Overdraft fee notices MUST go out the next day, not collected and sent when one feels like it. They came over a week later. I could have addressed the issue immediately by endorsing the check at the branch or as was the case, gotten a new check from my employer to deposit so I never would have had these issues. As it stands no one wants to take responsibility for the lack of communication and prompt business operations however I have heard many times today that since I lost my head and forgot to endorse a check that was written to the owner of the account it was deposited into and since this was not the only check from this company deposited to my account I will still have to live with over $800 in overdraft fees. So yes I am crying and I will continue to whine until TCF follows policy 100% of the time and acts justly and promptly when dealing with the public's funds. In fact, I am considering a class action. I've had enough big boy mentality to last me a lifetime. Not only that, TCF continues to let one charge on their card even though overdrafted and that's NOT in a customer's best interest if indeed there is a problem. Don't hand me customer courtesy because it doesn't fly with me.
rtcvgixThis is the worst bank ever. I don't know how they still have customers with all of the mistakes they make and none of which ever get corrected.
Plain and simple... TCF Sucks!!
none of the tcf empployees i have dealt with care about anything besides getting there next paycheck. it's like tcf only hires tellers that were fired from other banks.
Ha Ha Ha you all are a joke. Give it a rest and grow up. This is absourd I can't believe that you people find the time to complain this much. You all need some hobbies.
"You all need some hobbies."

Says the loser who posts something on a TCF thread not even relating to TCF. Smells like a TCF employee to me...sounds like one too.

I moved all my accounts out of TCF a few years ago. I was tired of being treated like it was a privlage to keep my money at TCF.

When traveling I met a lot of very nice and professional TCF tellers over the years but the ones at my local branch were just jerks.

Like every other company they have some good employees and some bad ones. That's just how it is with big companies like TCF.
I agree with the poster above "with all big companies there are some good employees and some bad" that is the problem with big companies, but I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with TCF. I think the problem with any company is that some people just are rude, think about it everywhere you go there is that one person who just hates life. Its too bad that everyday people get bad service.
I bank at TCF and all the tellers I deal with are awesome!!!!

GO TCF!!!!
Itz hard 2 bee takin seriosly wit so meny msspelelngs. That showz why yoo don't no how 2 bank corectly, and why rools our en plase en da 1st plase. TCF Bank 4 life!
spelling has nothing to do with banking....

Sounds like a TCF employee trying to move the target...
I agree with what "huh" said. It sounds like the big man is shaking in his boots. This has nothing to do with me keeping track of MY transactions to avoid fee's. They should anticipate that I am going to make them and cover them anyway, the customer's always right. When I go to Burger King I expect them to ask me if I want cheese on my Whopper not for me to tell them to put it on myself. Let our voices be heard!
In response to what anonymous had stated above, I agree...I don't believe its the banks fault. I am willing to bet that each of the complaining parties walk into the branch and start their statements out with "You people.." think about it this may be why people are rude...remember you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar!! think about it. Why don't you try to be polite to the people behind the counter and your account will never have problems again.
to the poster above

Thats totally true. When anyone goes into an establishment totally off there rocker mad, no one will bend over backwards to help you, but on the flip side if you are polite you will receive better treatment. That will happen at TCF or any other business. Think about it before you all jump on me, do you feel the need to help someone who screams at you for thing that you had nothing to do with? If you disagree you must be lying. You could not honestly tell me you enjoy getting screamed at by compleate strangers and feel some higher calling to help them.
Every business has good and bad employees and TCF is no different. Everyone has right to voice an opinion too.
Ok, so here's my TCF Hell story...

Daughter #1 graduates from High School, enrolls in college, college "gives" her a TCF checking account. We close said account ASAP because I hate TCF and CEO/Chairman Bill Cooper is a first-rate douchebag. Not to mention that wife thinks daughter should handle cash so she can get an appreciation for money. Daughter has a TCF savings account (for years) with wife's name on it too. Jump to last week.

Daughter goes to Paris for a graduation present - kid and parents saved for years, kid never came home drunk, pregnant, arrested, or suspended, so I am good with this. Prior to leaving everyone tells us "screw travelers checks, get a cash card". So off to TCF goes wife and daughter, wife's name comes off account, daughter gets cash card, activates card, and is assured that card will work in Europe. Jump to 07/04.

Daughter emails from Paris, no money card won't work. I call TCF, they say savings account accessible only at TCF machines. Daughter all alone in Paris, can't get her $$$, so dad sends money via Western Union.

TCF can lick my scrotum, and Bill Cooper is a giant douchebag.
Did I mention that Bill Cooper is a big PARTISAN douchebag?

Check out his campaign donations and the fact that he lets the pwerline blog operate out of his business.

Cooper once went to the State Appeals Court to contest a speeding ticket. He badmouths the very city that provides 400,000 customers, and eats babies. Ok, so I made up the bit about babies, but it could happen
I don't see how contesting a speeding ticket has much to do with how Bill Copper Runs a bank? But I do think that TCF's holds are a little excessive on checks that are deposited, but when people spend money when they don't have it, causing overdrafts, then running into the bank blaming them ruins all the logical understandable complaints from average people like you and I have. At least that is my take on the TCF tellers, I personally have had really good service in Minnesota, just one quick question I always ask is when will these funds be available for me to use? The tellers always tell me and are great. I stumbled apon this site looking to make a comment on how great of service I have gotten.
FYI Bill Cooper no longer runs TCF. If industry spectulations are right TCF is about to get run over by some BIG WI banks. With their current lack of customer service and shoddy practices I'd argue there won't be a TCF left aftre the dust settles. The reason for my blog though. Let's just say TCF let a sizable amount of funds go from my account to someone who did not have rights or access to the account. They now cannot tell me where or why it went. Odd?? They admit ti went but cannot tell me why the controls in place (or lack thereof)did not stop this from happening. WARNING: Anyone's TCF account is subject to breach. They have for all intent purposes no account security. Anyone with a TCF account is subject to breach at anytime.
I have used 3 or 4 banks in the 28 years I have been alive and TCF is by far the best.
TCF has lost a few of my deposits as well. One was on a friday, 200 cash, the next was 200 cash on the following saturday. Apparently one of their idiots working thought it was an error, even though there were different deposit numbers, and erased the second one which overdrew my account with bills that were being paid. I had to dick around with them for about 2 days before they fixed it and not once did they appologize or offer anything in return for their mistake. Now I keep most of my money OUT of that account, and only use it when bills are being paid.
wow i just dont understand why hate is the topic for tcf bank here. really from my experience as a tcf rep i really feel like its the branch part that has the issues, not only that from this story we dont really know whether its true or not because i myself as a tcf rep feel like everyone down the road will eventually get into a problem whethere its tcf or not. How do i know? im a tcf rep but i bank with wells fargo due to that they have better rate and etc. but well fargo do make mistakses too. really it's reality. No bank, nothing in this world is perfect and patience is the key. And this person who told this story kinda had patience and everything did kinda sort out okay whether its going to be on a long term or short term. Remember it reality no where in this world is perfect.
I am a current customer of TCF bank, and I have never been so frustrated with a financial institution in my life. The service is less than professional, slow, and many of the fees for services that I do not commonly use are terrible. I recently requested a cashier's check, and when I thought I lost it, I put a stop payment on the check. I found the check I lost two days later and turned it into the back so they would put the funds back into my account. I was told I had to wait 90 days to get the money back even though I found the original check. Now, TCF can enjoy a free loan on me. I wonder how understanding they would be if they credit my account with another customer's deposit and I made them wait 90 days to get it back. I wouldn't recommend TCF to my worst enemy.
I just got off the phone with about 10 different people simply trying to verify the authenticity of a bank check that was purchased in the lobby of the Marquette location and had been sent to me as payment for an online purchase. I have never dealt with a less cooperative, less intelligent, or more useless group of people in my life. They acted like I was asking them to bring the Titanic to my front yard. I was transferred 4 times and hung up on twice. The few people I did have the extreme displeasure of talking with directly were rude and stupid.

Here are the phone #s for the location I dealt with since they seem to keep these under lock and key and actually wouldn't give me their phone number. What kind of business won't give out branch phone numbers!?

(612) 661-6500
(612) 661-8100
(612) 661-8300
(612) 661-8400
(612) 661-8450
(612) 823-2265

I suggest calling them in regard to your issue when you have about 30-45 min with nothing to do and after you have taken some type of muscle relaxer so you don't become furious with their incompetence.

No wonder the employee (Lesly Bowwer) who posted 2 above me actually banks with Wells Fargo. It is also not surprising that their posting is riddled numerous grammatical and structural errors indicative of an education that plateaued at 3rd grade. That seems consistent with every other employee I talked to. Then again, how smart is a person who posts (using their name even) on a blog about their employer, that they are not only an employee, but also that they use a competing bank.
Well put! The problem is TCF is so damn convenient! Once you put that asside they have pretty competitive interest rates. So if you can get past that then you're left with the staff. People are generally good people. But when you hire anyone, open an account (over and over again) for anyone you then have a business model as TCF does. I find it interesting that they can stay afloat (must be making a bundle on service fee's?)

I mentioned in a previous blog that they allowed a substantial sum to go from my account with out authority. This lapse of security will cost them, it's only a matter of time, court costs and a semi intelligent judge and or jury and I'm in the money. They simply refuse to accept responsibility an as such are dummer than I thought. Do yourselves a favor. Open an account at a credit union, and never assume your funds or identities are safe at TCF....
Blame the FDIC for putting in steps to insure all money is tracable, blame the IRS for making sure all money is accountable and blame the terrorists of 9/11 for causing the Homestead Act. As for the bank tellers, no matter what bank you go to they are make $7-$9 an hour and just how reliable workers can you get for that kind of $ (high schooler's go to school during the day). And no i'm not an employee, I make more than $10 an hour.
I am a soon to be ex-TCF customer. I just found out today that a stolen check for $1,000.00 will not be covered because my checkbook was not with me when the check was stolen (it was stolen from my locked hotel room!) Now my question is if I was mugged and my checkbook was with me and stolen would it be covered? Is not a stolen check a stolen check??? I live in Chicago and the theft took place in Philadelphia 6 weeks ago and has been a nightmare. I have been charged $66 in overdraft fees as well and have had to pay $25 to get a copy of the police report so I am out about $1,100.00 all together. Not at any time was I led to believe that there would be no reason that I would not get my thousand dollars back and the fees
returned. I am most upset and I only found this out after I called the bank to get an update on the stolen check. I have other experiences with poor customer service this just tops it off...........so I shopping for a new bank, any suggestions?
I do not think that even legal? Regardless of if it was in your possession, stolen from your mailbox, the bank or your hotel room?!? I'd kick that one up a notch at TCF, someone is missinformed. Assume you filed a police report? If so then you should not be liable. Period! Chicago-Harris Bank or better yet find a local credit union, forgo the convenience as they would never treat you like that. Oh and file a small claims court case against them and get your thousand bucks back. TCF is very badly managed. The board and executive leadership needs to be held accountable. Oh yes, you can also file a claim with your states atty generals office and the OCC (office of the comptroller)
TCF rocks...quit your crying people.
I feel your pain brother.....
I have been with TCF for 18 years off and on. It is a real trick to stay within their guidelines.
I have two accounts. For several years. I would go in one day and all the relationships I had established had been removed because if their turnover.
It's like a basic training camp for all the Eastern Indians and Hispanics in Chicago, nothing against them, but TCF puts the fear of God into them, they are all affraid of making any mistakes. They follow the rule book verbatem.
That is why I see some of the TCF prime tellers and managers working at other banks in the area.
The people are not employees they are ROBOTS.
I had a friend who had a few thousand lifted from her account by a crooked teller. She was found out after several months, she was caught taking money out of her account.

In another instance I had several personal experiences with the 2PM cut off time for their days cutoff of all business.
also on several occasions they held deposits of up to $10,000 cashiers check I deposited, held it for seven days?
I had to accept their explaination and paid their $60 in NSF fees as the funds where in my account but had not cleared after four days?
I'm retired now and no longer accept their crap. I fight for every penny they try to screw me out of.
So my friend your not alone, I'm still with them, I must be loyal to their growing pains, or plain stupid? A TCF groopy.
I am currently having many problems with tcf...too many for me to mention right now. Free checking....where. THAT IS THE BIGGEST JOKE.
Seriously, I bet half of the people on here have exaggerated quite a bit. To say the bank 'stole' your money because you were charged fees is ridiculous. You were 'charged' them for a reason. Its not stealing if you cant balance your own account and use more than what you have its typical you will be 'charged'. Take responsibily for your own actions. That goes for bank accounts, credit cards etc. Every business has policies and if you dont read the fine print of information in the begining its going to catch up to you later. Thats standard for any business to give you the information, but if you dont read it or ask questions its your own fault.

I have bank accounts at three different banks and I have never had such an issue because I know their policies. I live paycheck to paycheck and several bills and I do just fine with my banks. Money makes the world go round so it should be a priority to keep track of your finances like adults and deal with problems as adults.

Working in the feild of customer service I agree with the other who said if you think something is wrong dont go screaming with an attitude cause you wont be helped and youll get the same attitude back. What do you expect. I have never had a problem that wasnt resolved cause I dont freak out blaming others for my mistakes.

By the way xtcfcustomer , you already said that you didnt change you address from your parents address so no wonder you didnt get the forms. And so what if you had all your other cards and ids or whatever, what if your purse had been stolen someone else could have all of that as well and do you know how easy it is to take over someones identity these days. I mean come on, how often do you have to sign a recepit if its less than $20 or even get asked for your ID when purchasing something from any store. Although it was pointless for them to have you go home for another photo and then that wasnt sufficient enough for them.
This bank is the worst. I had deposited a inheritance check in person to a tellar..only to have it "missing" two days later because the courier serive came late. Only then to have TCF close my account with over 4,000 in it because my grand father did not endorse it in the correct place. So, I had to take a day off of work to report into a branch to clar the problem, only for it to become a bigger proglem. They had my grandfather wire transfer the check into my account. Guess what two business days later and a direct deposit they have yet to open back up my "closed account" as they are tracking the problem. Ummm, there was not problem and now I'm out of town with no cash and I spent hours on the phone with them today. Not reliable-if you have cash in you might not be able to get it out. They have the worst service I have ever been given!
I'm not a big user of credit cards but I do have a visa bank card to make deposits everyday to TCF. Today I almost went through the roof when I recieved a "service charge" for withdrawing $20.00 from my account which had a withdrawable balance of 39.77 after making a deposit of $200.00. It took three bank clearks to figure out why I recieved a charge. And finally come to the conclusion that the deposit I made days before was not available. So why didn't the statement say 239.77 unavailable? Gosh maybe it had to do with TCF goughing its customers for their money! Does anyone else feel irrate about these practices that should be made illegal? Does anyone else get mad over a bank that makes money from your money and then charges $1.50 to check your balance?
I recently opened a line of credit with tcf bank...big mistake...
they have the worst online bank
system and customer service gives
you a different answer every time.
The principal balance is not updated after I have deposited my
paycheck in every week. when you deposit into a line of credit..it pays on the principal, but doesn't adjust the balance or reflect on statement..Do not get a heloc with tcf bank...I should have gone with Wells Fargo..more uptodate...
I am a former employee and only saw this because I was looking for their career section and after reading all the comments, I just had to add mine.

Agree: All banks have different policies that can be aggravating, that's why you have to weigh the pros and cons before choosing the one that is right for you.

Disagree: I consider myself to be intelligent and have always given excellent service, but it is so difficult to force yourself to be nice to anyone who is cursing at you and belittling you while you are trying to make a living.

Agree: TCF does have some inexperienced people working for them, but there are goods ones too. When people are inexperienced they are unsure of how to handle volatile situations and it doesn't help to be screaming at them and calling them names, which happened to me almost everyday.

Disagree: It's not just the staff, it's your responsibility to take ownership of your own mistakes and then to have some respect for the people that would be willing to help you if they could just get you to stop shouting for 2 seconds.

All in all, it wasn't a bad job but I got tired of all the customers who don't know how to act like decent human beings in a crisis situation. I to live paycheck to paycheck and know what it's like to have money taken away that you can't survive without, BUT when it's my fault, I admit it and ASK for some leeway, if it's not my fault then I am firm but not belligerent. Let's learn to control our emotions, it will get you alot further in life.

Final Thoughts: TCF is mostly geared for two types of customers:the very wealthy and the very poor. It is an extreme difference, but true. If you fall somewhere in the middle, take the time to research different banks before choosing. I can't believe how many people would open an account with us at some booth or at their school without even giving it some serious thought. Are you kidding?? I spend more time than they did deciding what to wear in the morning. We are talking about your money.
TCF bank is ok but I don't like it that I have to go into the branch to get anything done to my account. They need to catch up with the times and let more stuff happen online.
Just got off the phone with a CS person. Horribly rude. TCF lost my business.

Never use this joke of a bank.
have been a tcf customer for a year now and am very dissapointed at the service i get, called customer service, says tese thing then at the banking center says another.
all my coworkers laughed when they knew i was using TCF coz they knew how bad the service was and advised me to get anoter bank. Didnt know TCF was this bad!!!!
I get that at work too, people trying to tell me to switch to another bank while i still can or end up like a lot of people who got tcf, they told me to get my money and run for it. I guess after reading all these negative feedback i should.
Ry Meak, assistant mgr of the White Bear Lake Cub Food store told my son that she would reverse an overdraft fee him 'to help him out' if he would open a new checking account and a savings account 'to help her make her sales goal.'

What kind of professionalism is that? I demanded all three of his accounts be closed, and I took my family's business elsewhere.

When I went to close my accounts, she tried to get my husband and I to open a checking account! She said 'its all a numbers game.'

Avoid TCF at all costs, especially the White Bear Lake office and RY MEAK.
i bet everyone of the complainers on here is nothing but a white trash, unevolved, ignorant person that shops at walmart and knows nothing about the banking industry. most of the people complaining wrote and sent checks prior to depositing any money into there accounts, DUH!!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Quit your complaining about all the tellers. I have seen bad actions tellers at many banks, cashiers at many stores. I be each and every idiot making complaints on this blog shops at Walmart and when they go to pay with a credit card they don't even question the cashier why they didn't ask for id. On the little computer you slide you card threw it says please show cashier your id. I bet now one person on here does, but then you bitch and moan when bank employees want to verify your identity. I'm a former employee of TCF, oh ya and by the way its TCF not TFC dummies, i've had an account with them for 10yrs + and have never bounce a check,
TCF Bank is more of and inconvenience than convienence. I would rather pay for checking because their free checking is not worth the problems I have encountered.

This people are so F**King stupid. ON four different occasions I could not get money out of my account because my pin # was supposeively wrong. However, I choose only one 4 digit pin so whats the problem? They tell you they have resolved problems when in fact they have no idea what their doing. Don’t dare go to another branch to try and solve your problems because you will confuse them even more. They sent my checks and check card to the wrong address somehow, probably because the women that started the account didn’t even understand the banks policies. I had to tell her because of a previous mix up that TCF Bank doesn’t send Check cards to PO Boxes, but they still managed to send it to some random person to go shopping with. Then they deny any involvement. I also have crack heads trying to commit fraud calling me from Wisconsin numbers claiming to me TCF representatives and asking for my account information. This bank is by far the worst bank ever. You would be better off burying your money in your yard then letting these corporate F**KS touch it.
Being an Ex employee of TCF I know what a pain this company can be... I will stand in their defense though on a few issues. TO ALL THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT OVERDRAFT FEES; if you dont have the money dont spend it. (TINSTAAFL, its a common economic idea... look it up.) This being said I will openly say that I am personally responsible for reversing nearly 10k (this is of course spread between about 100 different customers) in OD fees a year. This is the reason I was fired from TCF... I was told by numberous customers that I was easily the best help they have ever had at TCF and I at one point in my career with them had many days where the lobby was filled with people just solely to see me and did not want help from any of the other employees. I am now employed with a new bank and much happier, making more money and learning alot more. TCF IS AN EXTREMELY BY THE BOOK BANK! This is why they are allowed to put their neck out there so far and offer bank accounts to ANYONE AT ANYTIME! Almost all of TCF's internal systems are flawed in some way, from PIN requests to the deposit and savings issues. Their online and phone banking is extremely flawed, with balances constantly being output to customers wrong and transactions not showing up at all on either.

TCF FOLLOWS ALL FEDERAL REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES. VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE FOR ANYONE. I had an extremely good customer of mine, who was worth well over 3 million (in TCF alone) ask for some leway on a check, I personally had to literally fight for this gentleman to get what he wanted. I was later told that the only reason anything was allowed to be done was becasue I vouched for this gentleman and I had been with the Company for 3 years...

So, does TCF have issues? YES. Does every bank have issues? YES!!! Do I agree with everything TCF does? no not at all but they are a generally good all around bank who is willing to give sencond and even third chances to people who would never be able to get an account anywhere, besides maybe the Un-bank...
Wah you babies.
Okay. I have been using TCF for a couple of years. I am in Michigan. I haven't had any problems with TCF that I have not experienced with other banks. I previously had an account with National City and it was a nightmare. Hence, I closed that account and went to TCF. The branches and reps have always been great, HOWEVER, the online customer service center sucks. The phone reps are rude and act like you are bothering them when you call. I recently opened a second account with Citibank (online) and it has been the biggest pain in the butt ever. It's been two months and I am STILL waiting for my complimentary checks to arrive. I faxed my signature card twice and still never got the courtesy of a call from customer service to verify they received it, despite my written request that they do so. Worst of all, everytime you call for customer service assistance, you get a customer service rep sitting over in Bangkok or Thailand or some other foreign country with an accent so thick you can't understand a word they are saying, and they don't know anything and can never help you. They are basically worthless. I still haven't decided if I am going to keep that account. Closing might be even more of a pain.

Anyway, TCF is comparable to every other bank out there, and as far as I am concerned, the biggest problem with banks these days is the way they steal your money. For example, if you happen to make an error on your account and you have, say, 5 items come in, four of which are small and one is big, but only have enough money to pay the 4 small items (but are short on the amount needed for the big one), logic would dictate that the four items be paid first because there is enough money to easily pay them, and then the large item be paid or returned and your account charged ONE overdraft of NSF fee. But that is NOT what happens. Instead, all these banks have the policy of paying the largest checks first, which subsequently generates the most amount of revenue to the banks. It's Basic Highway Robbery & Screw the Customer 101. What I don't get is that everyone knows the banks are doing this and no one will do anything about it. TCF does it, National City does it, Bank One did it, etc. EVERY bank out there does it. Show me one that doesn't, because if one exists, I want to bank with them!
for the last person (tawne angel) you hit what i was saying right on the head. you state banks our robbers because if you only have enough money in your account to cover 4 checks instead of 5, its that banks fault for cashing the largest check. BULLSHIT, again its the dumb consumer who has no clue. if you don't have enough money to cover the 5 checks you wrote, don't spend the money. the reason banks cash the bigger checks is in case that money is for a mort. payment or a car loan. LOGIC WILL TELL YOU "DON'T WRITE CHECKS THAT YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T COVER" AND IF YOU DO THEN YOUR THE "DUMBASS" AND THE BANK IS THE SMART ASS FOR DOING WHAT THEY DO!!!! I HATE TO SAY IT BUT THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE 101
TCF actually told me that I can't use online banking. After over 10 phone calls to their helpline, they told me I simply don't get one of their basic services. I am a student at the U of M, and I think it is ridiculous how they force TCF Bank on students.
TCF still won't return my money unless I go into a branch. I've made 4 more phone calls requesting my funds and each time I end up being told a manager will contact me the next day...no one ever does.
If you sign up for a TCF account, DO NOT check your balance online. Ever. They'll change your account if you do, and start charging you monthly fees, and no matter how many times you call to tell them you want your account changed back, they still keep charging you. TCF sucks...
I have had an account with TCF for over 6 years and never had a problem until just recentally, in August 2007 my debit/check card number was stolen somehow I had my checking account drained I was -2,500.00 while I was depositing my check someone was charging the card in a different state in a mall, I contacted TCF customer service and was told to send an authriziation to desput letter to the fraud department, it took 7 buisness days to get all my money back, I have recieved a new credit/debit as of 2 weeks ago and just yesterday I got a phone call from visa stating that there are some high cahrges on my account , sure enuogh $1,500.00 from GUCCI in new york and 2 Bed Bath and Beyond in ohio 1 hr apart, now again I have to wait for 7-10 days for my money to be returned to me , I have come to the conclusion that TFC has some serious security issues or disloyal emplyoees ,as soon as I get my mony back I will take all money and lones elswhere.
This bank is the absolute worst!!
Their management will stand right in front of you and lie to your face that "any cash transfer from your savings is available immediately". As of yesterday, all the cash I transferred the day before was STOLEN by TCF yesterday because seven transactions for a total of $42.00 hit my account AFTER my transfer, and they did not post my CASH until the following day. So far they have charged (STOLEN FROM)me $231 in NSF fees. I transferred more cash over yesterday which again they tell me is "available immediately" but since they stole all my money the day before, I'm sure I'll be seeing more NSF charges EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE MY CASH IN THEIR BANK!!!
I can't believe a financial institution is allowed to legally operate this way. I tried to close my three (3) accounts with them last night but because I have "current penalties" they won't let me touch my accounts until everything is "cleared up" which really means "UNTIL THEY ARE DONE STEALING MY MONEY". IT'S CASH!! MY CASH!! MY HARD EARNED CASH THAT I PUT IN THEIR BANK, THAT THEY POSESS, THAT THEY WON'T PAY ANY CHARGE AGAINST WHILE THEY FINE ME FOR EVERY TRANSACTION! IT's CASH!!!! Not check deposits!! CASH!! I have never been so upset in my life!
To the post above, it should be a common fact that you can not close an account at a bank until every one of your transactions has posted. Otherwise everyone would write a bunch of checks/ use there check card then before they post the account that you had already closed.... getting all the things that you purchased while not actually paying for them. That is what should be common sense. But really when it comes to banking common sense is really not that common.
Here is a thought, when you do not understand a charge, a banks policys, or practices stop in a branch and ask WHY? Not with a chip on your shoulder, not with a raised voice, just nice and calm. You will get much farther with the employee , they may actually want to help you understand, and with the financial aspect.
I have banked with TCF for 15 years now and I am the first to admit that I am not perfect. I have gotten a few over draft fee's. Now I have follow what I stated above. I spoke with a customer service rep over the phone. I stayed calm, admitted that I made a mistake and asked for help. As it turned out, they reversed my 2 $33 dollar fee's! It was not hard. I treaded him the same way that I would like to be treated.... with RESPECT.
TCF IS HORRIBLE. I always spend atleast 20 mins. in line only to get to the register and get exactly what I didn't ask for. I asked for a verification of deposit and the teller gives me a print out of activity. Is this not the equivalent of a statement? I get a statement every month. So when I explained that I wanted a VOD, this dumb azz tries to convince me that that is not what I asked for and that I have to now wait in line for the bank manager. After waiting 20 more minutes the bank manager gives me a paper stating my name, address, routing number and account number and signs it. "I asked what is this? I asked for a verification of deposit!" She says, Oh! That is something that you would have to bring to us to fill out. We no longer provide that form to customers. Also, I ordered checks. It took 2 months to get them and they were incorrect, I had to call them 6 times to track the checks before I finally said that I wanted my account credited. For some strange reason, they had sent the checks to my old address eventhough they were printed with my new address that IS on my i.d. and has been updated. And had the nerve to request that I drive from my cushiony Royal Oak, MI neighborhood to the heavy traffic area of Downtown Detroit to pick them up from a FedEx office. NOW, THIS COMPLAINT ISN'T ABOUT OVERDRAFT FEES, AND DOESN'T HAVE MISPELLINGS. IT'S THE TRUTH. TCF SUCKS!!!!!!!!
ok, so get this! we put a check in the bank and it said pending in our online account for a day and then stated that it posted. We were at a store making a rather large purchase ($1400 or so) and it was declined. I called up TCF customer service and they told me that our funds would not be available until 5 business days. Now, when I deposited the check the teller told me that they release the first $100 for you to use until the deposit posts. Once that deposit showed posted I paid about $500 in bills, using their Visa credit/debit card that is tied to our account, no problems.

The snotty and rude customer service chick told me that we had used up all of our available funds paying bills and that we had NO MONEY available for the next 5 days. I went to a TCF ATM a half hour later and withdrew $180. WTF is that???

I can't stand TCF bank. Their policies do not match what actually happens in the account and their customer service and other employees are poorly trained. How am I supposed to know that when it says 'posted' it actually doesn't mean that it is??!! When it says posted and it's pertaining to a transaction where they're debiting money from your account, that means they took your money, but when it comes to money that they're depositing into your account, apparently posted doesn't mean that it's actually in there.


there's my tcf horror story. lol I think TCF is a third-rate poor excuse for a bank.
I have sadly opened a Small Business Account with TCF on the 16th of September. When I was in there, the girl that opened the account hand wrote receipts and also didn't give me some pre-printed packet of materials that I was supposed to have. Then when she was done, she told me that if there is a problem with what she did, the business broker would contact me on the 17th.

Well, I never recieved a call on the 17th and throught everything was good to go. So, about 4 days later, I attempted to utilize the online banking so that I can see what was going on with my account. Well, I wasn't able to log into the account, so I called customer service. They were extremely rude. They told me that I had to wait until I got my ATM card which was about 7 to 10 business days from when I opened the account. So, I thought it was stupid that this was the case. So I called back when a had a minute and got another answer, it took 24 hours for my account to be updated and then I would be able to use the account. Well, let me finish this part by saying that I got my card yesterday and activated it and I'm still unable to utilize their Online banking even though it has been over 24 hours. I wonder what the next excuse will be, the monkey that runs the crank that keeps the server going is tired and due to animal rights, we have to give him a brake!

Well, yesterday, I recived a nice letter via snail mail from them informing me that since my account was new, it would be 100% frozen until the 26th of September. Well, I went into the bank and was extrememly upset to say the least. I told them that I wanted to talk to the bank manager and I wanted to get this resolved because 1. I wasn't informed when I started the account that this was even a possiblity, 2. I got the letter on the 24th when it was sent out the 18th (did it come pony express?), and 3. I wrote checks on the account. She then told me that all the checks that I wrote were rejected for lack of funds in the account. I wrote less than $100 dollars in checks and had several thousand dollars in the account. How could I get hit with lack of funds in my account? Well, we freeze the account when they are new for security reasons. I asked if this was standard, she said yes, and I asked, why wasn't I informed, she said, I don't know.

Also, on a side note, while I was there, this poor lady opened a new account with them and was turned away fromt he branch because she had to go to the branch that she created the account at because it was less than a week since she wrote the check. She didn't left her wallet at home but had her driver's license and check book with her and she needed cash to get gas. Her branch was over 30 miles away. So, good luck!

I have had all the checks that I wrote bounce and now I'm having to pay over $100 for the checks bouncing which would have been prevented it. Also, I have payments made via PayPal and they have bounced as well. I have 100% feedback on eBay on a business account that has been built for over 7 years and if the persons that I've done business with aren't understanding, all it takes is one to distroy what I have built for over 7 years.

I called customer service last night and let me say - unhelpful to say the least. Well, I spoke to the person who handles starting up business accounts and she told me that the teller in her own words - didn't know what she was doing and did me a dis-service. I don't care what industry you are, you never let the customer know your company's dirty laundry because it is unprofessional and it doesn't sit well with the customer. So, I got to her supervisior and he promissed me I would hear from the bank manager and the regional manager about what has happend and they would cover the cost of the fees for the bounced checks. I told him I wasn't worried about that, I was more concerned about my feedback on eBay since I do business there. Well, his response was on behalf of TCF, we appoligize for this. I told him whatever - the only thing I'm looking forward to is when my account becomes open on the 26th, I'll be in the lobby the instant it opens and close my account.

I still have heard nothing from the branch manager and the regional manager like they promised. I will be closing my account immediately when my funds are released from their "Security Freeze." I would highly recommend that anybody who is looking for a bank to STAY AWAY from TCF and go to a professional bank like Bank of America or any others. I will be doing it. Don't waste your time, money, or business on their stupidity. I wouldn't let them hold a child's piggy bank.


I can't make it much simplier than that.

Thank you for listening to my story.
First of all I don't think that characterizing someone, especially a large institution like TCF, as "evil" is a particularly relevant and interesting comment. I find that most people here express their views and feelings about the bank, but then fail to support them with an argument. Everyone can make a claim about something, but is it not the explanation of that thesis that is important? For the purpose of dialogue I would suggest that such comments are normal and appropriate, but what I can't understand is how someone can say that they got unjust treatment, and that things weren't fair to them when the definitions of these terms are yet to weak.
I wish not to offend anyone, but it horrifies me that people expect to persuade anyone with an angry comment about anything, and especially that others are agreeing.
Yes, I AM a TCF employee, and yes the bank has its flaws, but I am not writing this to defend my employer, rather to express my awe in the kinds of comments people leave in these online discussions.
I only looked at this site because I am currently researching TCF for I am writing a paper about it. It was as I thought that I would find more negative, than positive comments here. Historically, it has been the case that only people with a particular interest or a strong opinion about a subject will post things on such online blogs. Usually, it is those with the strongest attitudes, on both sides of the spectrum, which decide to voice their opinion. So, to whomever is making any type of a conclusion from this forum, I would suggest to ask around.
To those with the hoerific stories, I apologize for your inconveniences on behalf of all of us. It is true that the employee turnonver is tremendous, and that many of us don't really know what we are doing. Also, a certain level of miscommunication is definitely existent, but please don't brand us all as EVIL, for usually it is not the teller's fault that something happened to your account. Take nothing else from my comment, but please hold your temper while conducting business with us, or for that mather anyone. We know that you are upset, and we usually know why, so screaming, yelling, cursing or threatening won't help you in general, I would rather say it will hurt you.
I opened a new account and did not recieve my "free gift" I drove all the way back for my "free gift" It was $5.00 in credit towards their stupid rewards program that no one participates. I could have gone to LaSalle and gotten a $50.00 gift card, free checks and free on line access. How stupid was I?????
Oh my God... TCF just "lost" one of my deposits, too! Seriously, the idiot gave mepart of the check backin cash, deposited the rest, gave me my reciept, and then two days latermy account was in a NEGATIE BALANCE because they TOOK THE DEPOSIT BACK saying they never got it!!! So, I went in and gave them the reciept, and the manager was clueless... told me it's be fixed the next day. Well, it wasn't, so I went in the day after that and brought in THE FREAKING CANCELLED CHECK THAT MY FIANCE HAD WRITTEN and what did the guy do? HE LEFT ME STANDING THERE FOR AN HOUR while hetried to get someone onthe phone to help. I finally left another teller with my phone number and asked to have him call me when it was fixed because I wasn't going to stand there for another freaking hour for him to come out and acknowledge me.

Well, four hours later and still no phone call! They cashed the check, then tookit back out of my account claiming they never got it.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Who's with me on a class action law suit? Anyone know of how to go about suing a bank for fraud? Because that IS what this is, right? I'm serious, email me if you want to team up to bring this ridiculous institution to justice!

I'm not a lawyer but I don't think that qualifies for a class action suit???? But, Good Luck
Ok. Round 2. Friday I made an attempt to purchase something online. For some reason the purchase was declined, but it still went into a pending status on my tcf account. True, not tcf's fault. But when I called the bank and explained that the charge never went through, the bank offered to reverse the charge while in the pending stage and I would be fine unless the merchant presents it. Because the csr never reversed it, the charge posted to my account and when I called and asked why, they stated that I could only get my money back if I filed a claim disputing the charges and they put a freeze on my check card. Now, here it is, I am in the process of purchasing a home, and my account is not only in the negative, but it has a freeze on it also. And tcf had the nerve to say," For all we know, the csr could have reversed it and the merchant still presented it. I argued with them for 20 minutes, explaining that the csr never reversed anything, and that my account was in the negative because of it. But all they had was a very unsympathetic apology and some silly excuses. Typical. TCF is full of dumbazzes and the employee that made a pathetic attempt to defend them had to use an online dictionary for half the words she used.(apparently trying to make tcf look like they actually hire college grads) Sweetheart, get a new job. If your vocabulary is that profound, you should be with a company that actually hires intelligent individuals. You should want to work with people that are actually on your level.
I deposited a check in my account with over 2 grand in my account. The check had bounced and TCF charges me $15 for it? I had 2k in my account! Why is is my fault they didn't have funds? Return the deposit, fine, but don't charge me 15 bucks over something I have abslotely no control over. I caleld customer service and they said they wont reverse the fee and that in the future I should CASH checks at the check writers bank rather than deposit it at TCF!!! WTF?? Are you serious?? For the supposedly most convienient bank in MN, that is supposed to be convienient? I mean, why am I banking with you if I am not supposed to deposit checks with you?? effing retarded!!!
TCF is a great bank. The TCFS in Minnesota seem to be the best ones. I did not like the TCF I went to in Illinois.
Responding to the post above, I believe all banks charge a returned deposit fee. You can argue that it's not fair, but banks justify it because it takes time to sort out the transaction.

I used z instead of s to refrain from using profanity. What exactly would make me competent enough to make an online payment? Because I'm having a problem w/ a declined transaction, I'm obviously not competent enough to make online payments??? (A TYPICAL TCF EMPLOYEE ANSWER.)When it happens to you, and it will.... I hope they slap you with 5 or 6 fees, make all of your bills bounce, and send you through hours of agonizing phone conversations w/ people almost as dumb as yourself. If it erks you that bad that we are all nagging about tcf, then why are you wasting your precious time online reading it, DUMBAZZ!!!! You are just as big of a mope, because we can atleast say that we are hear to vent our frustrations. You are obviously just hear, because you are a loser and you have no other cause to stand up for. Go fight world hunger and shut the hell up! And f.y.i. look up the definitions of by and buy and learn when and where to use them. Dumbass!
I find it pretty amusing that TCF employees can take the time to post here basically insulting people who have complaints but I CANT GET A SINGLE TCF EMPLOYEE TO RETURN MY CALLS AND MONEY THATS LOCKED IN AN ACCOUNT THAT I CANT ACCESS.

At this point I've basically given up. TCF has about $250 of mine in a closed account and thy won't return it to me unless I come into a branch office. As I've told them about 50 times now, I live about 100 miles away from the closest TCF branch and it's asinine to make a former customer drive that far to get money that's mine. If I move out of the country and this happens do I have to fly back to the US to get my money? I mean come on, every other bank I've ever dealt with doesn't have a problem returning funds when accounts are closed.

All I want is what's mine. Is that really too much to ask?
for xtcfcustomer blogger, I would like to take the challenge in returning your account.
Me too. I would like to return your account so that you could just shut up already. I am guessing that all the time that you have spent complaining and "venting" about this problem you could have drove the 100 miles to the branch, gotten your money back, and drove home at lease a dozen times by now.
Anonymous... If this blog is soooo agonizing, you also wouldn't be here wasting your precious time to read it. Yes, they could have driven there 100 times by now, but I can also think of a million and one things that you COULD do, but don't think that you should have to do. So rather than to tell everyone to shut up, be a loyal tcf customer, and stop logging into this blog. That would be the logical thing to do instead of taking the painful steps of logging in and reading about everyone elses frustrations.
@ 4tcfcustomers -

Thanks...but assuming you really are a TCF employee it actually kind of aggravates me. It seems you're saying TCF can mail my money back to me, they just choose not to? If I get in touch with you are you going to tell me to drive to a branch? I appreciate your efforts and if you do work for TCF they should look for some more people like you. If any of the TCF employees I had dealt with actually gave a crap about me as a customer we wouldn't be here today, the issue would have been resolved. Getting my money from my account shouldn't be a "challenge" should it?

@ anonymous -

Setting this up took 5 minutes. writing the opening post took another 10. I've spent 5 minutes posting since then so grand total I have about 20 minutes invested.

And you're right - I could have driven to and from a branch 100 times by now, but I shouldn't have to. TCF should simply mail a check with the balance of my account to my house, it's not that complicated. I shouldn't have to talk to 10 different people. I shouldn't have to start a website that allows people to speak freely about TCF in order to get the correct action (returning my money) taken by TCF. TCF and all of the employees I dealt with should have shown some professionalism months and months ago and simply returned my money. Had that happened this site would not even exist.

The $250 means nothing to me, it's the principle of the issue at this point. Companies like TCF think they can treat customers and former customers anyway they want to without any repercussions.

And Tori's right on - don't like this site stop coming to it. I've received more than 50 e-mails from people thanking me for setting up a place where they could share their story about TCF and how they have been treated.
First, I would like to say that I am not an employee at TCF, I have had my bad share of encounters too. I just have the mind frame that I need to play by the banks rules. I get so enraged too, but that is the way things are. I am the one who posted the above comment. I guess that I did not explain my self well. I am just trying to say, instead of wasting your time thinking, venting, complaining, and being just plain upset, you could have just played by there rules to get this issue resolved. I think that this site is amazing. I do believe that everyone should have a chance to share there encounters. But the one thing that I have seen is, anyone who tells a good story, leaves there two cents on a solution is marked as an employee? Is it that hard to believe that some times people have good things to say? I have had good and bad encounters. If you have a bad encounter, you need to be respectful of those who have had good encounters and vise versa.
To come to xtcfcustomer's offense, this has nothing to do with us not respecting the fact that someone had a good encounter. YOU basically called everyone else a bunch of whiners because we are not handling something the way that you would have handled it. How is that respecting someone else's opinion? And regardless of how much time we spend venting, atleast we can say that we are not being enablers, because that is what you are. If you play by someone else's rules, then why would they ever change? And please don't try to clean this up, because you specifically tried to play devils advocate by calling us mopes and saying we were bitching. No one is here for an argument, just venting. So if you want your opinion respected, don't tear down our opinions. And to refresh your memory, this what you said:HEY TORI, SPEAKING OF UNINTELLIGENT PEOPLE, LEARN HOW TO SPELL DUMBASS, USE S INSTEAD OF Z DUMBASS. WORD TO THE WISE FOR YOU. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BY SOMETHING ONLINE AGAIN,,,, DON'T, YOU ARE APPARENTLY UNQUALIFIED TO DO THIS SINCE YOU ARE HAVING THIS TYPE OF PROBLEM.

FOR THE NEXT PERSON, TAKE THE 15.00 OUT OF THE PERSON WHO GAVE YOU THE CHECK THAT YOU DEPOSITED THE BOUNCED IN THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. CAN'T YOU FIND SOMETHING MORE CONSTRUCTIVE TO BITCH ABOUT. LIKE ITS THE BANKS FAULT THAT THE LOSER THAT WROTE YOU THE CHECK HAD NO MONEY IN THEIR ACCOUNT. YOUR A MOPE!!!!! As everyone can see by the way that you tried to clean this up and make yourself seem so neutral.You are obviously a person that either loves to create conflict or a tcf employee. p.s. find something else to do, other that start fires on a blog that you apparently have no time for.
tcf bank sucks so much A$$ they have crooked policies and they do stuff for some and not for other, I for instance used to be a TCF employee till I move to Louisiana, where if you call your bank you can actually speak to someone in the branch you deal with and not some b$%@# that needs to get laid in Illinois and then when you ask for a call ceneter supervisor you get one in Minneapolis who ends up hanging up on you and not helping you at all, just because you want to change your last name on your account since you got married, and like the branch manager who was not even the branch manager who opened my act, but he is now at that branch says no, and you try to have them contact people you know and used to work with who would state that you are who you say you are, like old branch managers and such who still work with the bank and they refuse and then you ask for thier regional manager and they refuse, tell you what though their ceo is gonna get a nice letter from me, also you then get the branch # from yor relatives and the manager acts like he does not have time to talk to you and hangs up on you, I mean damn only at tcf can you not have them mail you whatever you need to fill out and mail it back with the proper documentation to make the change and you know what I can even go on another banks site and open my account online no questions asked and they mail me my signature card and that's it but only and do I mean only at tcf bank is this an illicit practice
I found this site by mistake but found it very interesting. I read the many comments by people-happy and unhappy- I have had the same account at my bank for 35 years and have had only one overdraft. The overdraft was my fault and I took responsiblily for it. Keeping a resister is the only way to keep a true balance in your account. Simple math--addition then subtraction and in that order. What people don't realize is when you deposit a check the bank processes the check to collect the funds. Funds are not always there. People want this money then and there to spend themselves or all to often to cover what they already have spent. Banks are victims to many types of check fraud which results in many losses. Policies are in tact to try and stop many of these frauds. Endorsement fraud, counterfiet check fraud, atm and ck card fraud, check kiting, and simply the customers that leave owing money in their accts. We all pay for these types of fraud with higher fees and stricter policies, but in reality its not the bank that is causing these losses, they are just trying to stay in business. Who pays for the unauthorized ck card purchase? The customer gets the money back even if it is 5-7 days. Who pays? Think about it. That is just one of the above mentioned fraud practices. As far as the employees not understanding the policies and being called names for it, it sounds like you yourself don't get it either. Read the disclosures and ask questions about the very problems that you have experienced at the next bank you go to. Ask for no fee check bouncing or instant use of funds from a check(piece of paper is really all it is at the starting point)and see if they comply. Oh those banks don't exist anymore--out of business. Would you feel better if a stranger gives you a 100 bill or 100 check? You would want the guarentee right or at least a chance to find out if the check is good or not before you give the cash away to someone. Right? Look past the immediate problem. I can't believe this bank would on purpose try to do things to customers that would make them come in and verbally assault them.
Why would anyone move away and pack up the entire household belongs right down to the tolietpaper and not go to the bank and close an account.
To the "Daughter in Paris" blogger.
Let me guess you gave no information about your daughter's upcoming trip to Paris, right? Who the hell , besides you, doesn't know that a visa ck card only works with a checking acct.
I am seeking others who may of had problems with TCF Burr Ridge, specifically Vicki Mak, Frank Vitek, Don C, Hiak, or others in their collections department. Have you been a victim of threats, intimidation, obvious violations of common courtesy and consumer protection statutes? If so, fight back, email me. webnotication@aol.com I'm paying for the attorney, but a few more witnesses with common problems with them wouldn't hurt any.
Hmm...I'm not sure if my comment went through, so I will leave it again. Seeking folks that have had problems with Vicki Make, Frank Vitek, Don C, Haik, or other staff members of TCF Burr Ridge collections department. If you have been victimized by rude behavior, inappropriate comments, violations of consumer protection laws, harrassing phone calls, etc, fight back. I'm paying for the attorney, but a few more witnesses with similar experiences couldn't hurt any. email me at ms2728@aol.com Thanks.
"Why would anyone move away and pack up the entire household belongs right down to the tolietpaper and not go to the bank and close an account."

Because every other bank that I closed an account with didn't need me to physically come to a branch - they just closed my account and mailed me a check like I asked them to. TCF can do that too, they've told me they can.
TCF robs the customer blind. They post charges to your account not in the order they are made but from highest to lowest to maximise the amount of bounced check fees. I used my atm card on friday to take out 60 dollars thinking I had enought money to cover it. I was 36 dollars short, my mistake so charge me the $33 I deserve it. Instead TCF charged me 165 because the know they can charge me more by changing the order. I screwed up one time but they made it 5 times. Every time, but the last when I used my ATM card, there was money to cover it except for the last one. Change the order and now I have 5, 33 dollar charges because they take up to 3 days to post instead of instantly like decent banks. 10 years as a customer thats how they treat me.
Stay away from TCF.
I have used TCF for almost 9 years with no issues. Great bank in my opinion.
My husband has banked with TCF for approx. 4 yrs. I was added to the account when we bought a house together. I have found the tellers are rude, they are always understaffed, and have terrible TOS. Last year I deposited 13k. I then deposited my husbands payroll check that was 5k. He has been employed at the same place for 10yrs. Same checks etc. Now I would expect that my 13K would be held for up to 5 business days. Not his too. We went on vacation. TCF allows customers to get 1300 in the negative before they shut off your debit cards. We went to Makinac Island to pay for our hotel ( we were approx. 300 miles away from home) Our card did not work. I called the bank. I was told that we were in the negative 1300. How is that possible with 18K in the account? Now looking at it a different way we will say 5k only. I got back into town and went to our local branch. The teller, whom was very nasty, told me that they can hold checks for up to 5 business days. If I didn't like the TOS I can go cash my checks at a party store. I was pissed. I went to the loam officer and told them they either fix the issue or we would take our 4 mortgages to another company. He quickly fixed the problem. You see even though we had money in the bank the bank had not released to funds thus putting us in the negative, racking up NFS fees etc.

I had a 755.00 check. I went and cashed it at my other back, Chase. I got the monies in $1.00, $5.00 bills. Took it to the teller that told me to cash it at a party store. I had the money all mixed up and backwards. She had to count each and every bill. I told her not to ever tell me to go to a party store again. Otherwise I would show up like that every payday.

Current day. My debit card was declined that Thursday. Uh-OH been there before. I got home logged into our account. We don't keep much in that account anymore. Just for our mortgages and other ACH withdrawals and about 1000.00 in free use cash. SO I knew that something wasn't right. We were in the negative 1500. Yeah 1500. The withdrew 994.61 without our authorization. All mortgages are up to date etc. That was last Wednesday. I have 671.00 in NSF fees. ACH withdrawals are bouncing as well as checks being returned. Today is Tuesday and I had to physically go into a branch since I couldn't get any answers from anyone over the phone. They withdrew the money for a house [ayment. A house payment that posted by check number 1867 in the amt of 1075.25 the same day. I was told that they aren't online with the mortgage company. They didn't know that the payment had been made. The can withdraw payments if they are 5 days late. That payment is due the 25th. The 29th is not 5 days. I was told that they would refund my NSF fees. I said yes you will as well as refund the 994. The payment was already made. This bank is screwed up. As soon as we get our refund we are not going to use that bank for a thing!
I hate TCF...I hope they are all punished for the NSF fee's they charge. There should be a limit! They charged me 4 time's in a row for a few dollar's over. $136! I have a newborn baby my mother is terminally ill with cancer and my husband is laid off. I was crying my eye's out on the phone telling them how I needed the money to make our car payment. The smug insensitive woman just told me she could do nothing and I should not have overdrafted in the first place. What a cold, terrible company. I am closing my account tomorrow!

I opened a business checking account at TCF and provided a cell phone number--that had recently been activated and not given out to anyone else--for the business telephone when opening the account.

Well, a few weeks had elapsed and the TCF rep. who signed me up, called me several times and strongly advised me "... activate your business check card and do a couple transactions to get things going." I had not got my business going yet--still product sourcing--so, this account was not being used.

I did a couple of small transactions and found that I could not determine if they had gone through on the TCF Bank telephone system, unless I activated my Business Check Card--which, I did not want to use. I don't feel safe using this debit type card with my business account, but TCF ties them together with small business checking accounts.

I called TCF and was advised to activate my Business Check Card in order to allow their system to take my secret pin number.

About one hour after activating my card, I received a flood of text messages on my Business Cell phone number--keep in mind that I had not given this out to anyone else. Finally, by the next day I had received a total of 50+ text messages all from the same bogus number "10801".

After reading several of these spam text messages, I NOTICED I WAS ADDRESSED BY MY BUSINESS NAME, WHICH NOBODY ELSE WOULD HAVE KNOWN. The TCF rep. told me to put up a block on the cell phone for unsolicited mail/messages and reassured me they do not sell my private information.

As I write this, 24 hours after activating my TCF account, I am receiving a new spam text message about every 5 minutes! I can't even use this phone without being interrupted!

I know they have leaked my information and I am furious about it!

I am a branch manager for a bank (not TCF) and had to put in my two cents after reading the previous comments. As a branch manager, I hear a lot about other banks from customers, and by far the vast majority of the complaints are in regards to TCF. So much so that we now call it Totally Crappy with Fees. I do agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment that every bank has good and bad employees, plus people have good and bad days (employees and customers alike). However, one of our customers had worked for TCF and his job was supposed to be tracking and preventing internal theft. He told us he had to quit because internal theft was so prevalent it spread up into the highest ranks of the company and he couldn't do his job. They never acted on anything he reported because there was no one high enough to report it to that was not involved him/herself. Regardless, I am located in Chicagoland and hear more complaints about TCF more than all our other competitors combined. Also, many TCF customers are placed on a system called ChexSystems that prevents you from opening an account elsewhere. The vast majority of them are unaware they are on this system and as a result they are usually bound to TCF for a period of 7 years from the date they were reported. TCF can place you on ChexSystems for something as minor as insufficient funds activity and as major as not making good on your overdrawn account and letting it go to collections. Either way, this must be resolved before you can open an account at a reputable bank. As a manager my best advice to all of you is any bank is only as good as the people you deal with there. If you have someone who is your personal banker and develops a relationship with you, great. If not, I would steer clear of TCF.
My 15 year old brother worked at Jewel in Naperville, IL. In order for him to have convenient access to his pay and begin learning how to manage finances I co-signed a checking account for him. I oversaw all of his activity and had access to online banking. He was doing well. He began accruing fees for online banking and debit card transactions. Now 16, he stopped at the banking center in his Jewel and they informed him that in order to fix this they'd have to close the account and open a new one. He did this and we discussed it that evening. He informed me that they were able to open the account with just his name since he was 16. About a year later he was incurring unauthorized transactions to his debit card. He felt that he didn't have to pay the overdraft fees while he was disputing it and as a result the account went to collections. It was only then that I received a phone call and realized that they had in fact added me on to the account! I never signed anything! I was informed by the manager at the Naperville location that whenever their customers have joint accounts, they can open additional accounts without all parties. I couldn't believe this! So I open an account with my brother which is later closed and now he has financial power of attorney to open additional accounts??? I advised my brother to pay off the account and make good with his committments. He later received a refund for the unauthorized transactions, BUT NOW I've been reported to Chexsystems! All of my attempts to receive a copy of the account agreement and signature cards have been unsuccessful. They can't produce my signature!!!! However, they've denied my requests for removal on Chexsystems because the statements were sent with my name on them. I didn't even live at the same address and had no idea this account was open in my name - of course that makes no difference to them. I'm in the process of disputing this with Chexsystems and will be sending letters to TCF, the OCC, the Illinois Department of Business, local news stations & Jewel-Osco execs. I have obtaineed signed letters from former employees stating that they use practices such as forging signatures to obtain new accounts. Also, I've found out that they receive additional bonuses for opening joint accounts as opposed to individual - that would be a motive to add me on. Also, I feel that they report to Chexsystems to keep people from banking elsewhere - that would explain why they don't use Chexsystems themselves during account opening.

Bottom Line - TCF is deceptive, will do anything to get an account open AND my story is the epitomy of how IDENTITY THEIVES ARE ABLE TO OPERATE!!!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
I deposited 3 payroll checks on a Thursday and did not recieve my money until 8 days later. This bank is a joke and the people that work their did not even get a GED. If you open an account their you will be very sorry.

I used to work at a TCF in Minnesota, and you are right - they do give higher "incentive" for opening joint accounts verses individual. The reason, they say, is because it makes it less convienient to close the account. I worked there through college, and if it wasn't for being locked into a tuition reimbursment contract, would have left long ago. They are horribly deceptive, and they intentially confuse employees who then confuse the customers. I have never had an account with them, and I recommend to anyone who sees this site to close theirs.

And yes, we also could open a joint account without all owners present - the customer present was then responsible for mailing the signed account agreement back in the mail. Great business practice, huh?! When I worked in the Cub Foods locations, we'd do that all the time for the teenage grocery employees.

Keep fighting - press them for a signed account agreement! If none exists, I'd move forward with legal action! The Better Business Bureau needs to shut this place down!
I use to also work for TCF in Minnesota as well, I just wanted to tell you that it is not uncommon for any bank to open a joint account when not all of the parties are present. I personally bank with Wells Fargo, I have opened joint accounts for my husband and myself without him present. But, When they do not get the account agreement back the account should "frozen" or shut down. I would go after them too. Get the account agreements... wait I bet that they don't have them. Really, it happens more then you would think... it is totally TCF fault. They need to take some reasonsibility, not you. You did nothing wrong. You should sue them for damages, personal pain and stress, fraud, and I am not sure what the legal term is but, dragging your name threw the mud with chexsystems. That is so bad. Chexsystems is worse then having a bankrupt on your name.
Good Luck.
Hope you get them where it hurts.
I finally closed my TCF account when my now husband and I got married and were looking for a joint checking account. There were many reasons for this decision...

1. I had a 450 dollar cash deposit "lost" and thank goodness I kept the slip or else I would have never gotten my money... still makes no sense to me how something entered into the computer could just disappear

2. At the branch I went to in Kenosha, WI they were always understaffed. The tellers were really nice to me, but there were never enough of them and the lines were always full... even during "peak" traffic times (makes no sense)

3. Told me that they would "pay" for my new checks because the ones I ordered were misspelled (and I did check for any errors before the request was submitted)- I never received my money

We now go through Associated Bank and I love it- their online banking rocks because it tells you immediately what your available balance and ledger balance is so you always know what cash is on hand... and they have a daily balance inquiry for easy tracking of your finances... haven't had any problems with them
I forgot to mention another unsettling story about TCF in my previous post. We had a non-customer that came into our branch to make a payment but he didn't bank with us. When we offered to open him an account at our bank, he said, "No thanks. I bank at TCF because they will give me the balance on my wife's individual account. Would you do that for me as well?" TCF bankers beware...
I do agree they are crooks just looking for some money-can't blame them, their a company but.... Here is what happened to me. Their 'pending' transactions ARE deducted from your balance and I made two charges usng my bank card (and had money for them) the following day, just 1 day before payday! I had a bounced check (first 1 in 6 years with them!!) they charged me over drafts for the PENDING transactions even though they were deducted prior to the check coming through. It is a total set up!! I would suggest anyone to transfer to Chase, they seem more legit, have personal bankers, and are willing to make issues more tolerable for thir customers! I had a customer relationship rating of 9/10 with TCF..say goodbye to that! I have started to tell everyone how horrible they are and they have only gotten worse since I first started with them. The 'Supervisors' at TCF can never help if you have helped in the past 6 months. They all throw up their hands and say "sorry"! Talk about customer service huh??!! They will give a courtesy reversal only if you have made mo mistake within the last 6 months! Lets be honest, as often as we use a checking account in 6 months, accidencts can happen! At least Chase gives you options if something like this happens. TCF is a joke, and mark my words, they will not be around very long because there are PROFESSIONAL banks out there who know how to make their customer's lvies easier, not more difficult.
I notice some of you TCF defenders say they're just a business looking to make money. You can say the same thing about drug dealers, but it doesn't make it okay to try to make money using illegal or unethical methods. Contrary to your beliefs, it IS possible for a business to make money without screwing their customers. Or breaking any laws.
If you have been a victim of TCF unfair practices, please send your complaints to the National Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National banks (OCC)-Customer Assistance Group,1301 McKinney Street-Suite 3450, Houston, TX 77010. Please send your complaints with any proof you may have of your claim. I found the OCC helpful. The investigation could take up to 60days but it is worth it. I recieved hundreds of $$ returned to my account. While each case is different- If you have been treated unfairly, this Federal agency can help. GOOD Luck

Tcf are crooks..I have consistently been charged over draft charges in instances where 4 or 5 debits come through at the same time..What Tcf does is..They will pay the largest debit (as a favor to the account holder-so they say) this is a LIE..They pay the larger amount so that they can cause the other transactions to over draw the account at $33.00 each..I have paid hundreds in overdrawn fees because of this terrible deception. I wonder how many others have fallen victim to this..I am looking at claiming a class action suit..or at least a complaint with the better business bureau. There has to be a law against this.it feels like robbery..lets face it, we should not over draw our accounts..in this tough economy it is getting more and more difficult to make ends meet..but we should not have to be subject to highway robbery by our financial institute. If you have been a victim of this, please respond there is strength in numbers..I will fight them for this.
I opened up a tcf account because they opened a branch at my school. This was the biggest mistake I made in my life!!!! To date I have been charged over $100 in overdraft fees even when there has been money in my account!!!! I have direct deposit and I got paid yesterday and this morning I had NSF charges for $102!!!! There is no way that there was no money in that account to cover my transactions! To top it all off, I spoke with representatives who treated me like I was an idiot and refused to refund my money!!!! I have never in my life been charged NSF fees from any bank before I had TCF!!! I know how to balance and keep track of my transactions!! I'm one of those people who doesn't beleives in spending what I don't have!! My mother has worked in a bank for 15 years and she stated that TCF has a reputation as being shady and underhanded in its dealings with customers.
Every time I went to a TCF bank at Jewel to renew a CD, it was a MAJOR production. Several tellers had to study it out, they had to go in the "back room" and do God knows what... and finally after a big hassle, I would get my renewal certificate. This happened several times at different TCF branches, so I finally got fed up and decided to stop doing business with TCF altogether and cancel the checking acct. that I had for years and never used. When I went to TCF to close the account, they told me I could only close the checking account by opening a savings account and then come back a week later to close that account and get my money!! And that's not all. When I went back over a week later to close the stupid savings account, the teller told me I coulndn't close it because it was TOO NEW OF AN ACCOUNT! So I asked to talk to a supervisor who made some phone calls and eventually gave me my money. This would be pretty funny on Sienfeld or Monty Python, but sadly this kind of thing happens every day at TCF as evidenced by all the customers who have vented similar frustration.
TCF bank does really suck, that's why i closed down the account and went with hiway federal credit union instead. TCF also drew me in @ first because of free student checking. Everytime when i keep track of my balance, i always end up different from what the bank statement says and it's either more or less. Come on, it's just adding and subtracting. TCF also loses alot of their customer that's why their offering stuff like: Camera's, TV, Radio, Alarm Clocks.
I would just like to make a suggestion to anyone thinking about banking with TCF. TCF should only be used if you are not able to open an account at another bank because you are on check systems. This is a option for people since TCF does not call check systems anymore. I would like people to keep in mind that TCF keeps by FDIC regulation strictly because a majority of their customers are people who have gone to collections. Some customers have outstanding records and do not receive the best service or products that the company could potentially provide and for those people I would say go to a credit union. If you have good credit go some where that services people that fall into that catigory... these places can and will clear checks faster. TCF has free checking accounts and if you think about it you get what you pay for... a place that has a fee for checking will provide you with more options.
I am a TCF employee. I do not agree with everything they do. I am glad there is a place for people to vent about their issues with TCF. The only other thing I have to say is that although I understand that customers need to vent, I do not understand why some customers yell at employees, throw things at employees, threaten employees, swear at employees, or any of the like, why? I understand people get upset and I respect people's options good or bad about my place of employment. I guess this is just my venting... I come into work, I feel pretty good, I help some people and then a customer comes in... their account is negative, I give them a print out, I try to asnwer any questions they have, I offer suggestions, I listen to them. I check if I can reverse any fees for them my screen tells me that I can't reverse any fees at this time. I tell this to the customer... then out of no where the customer starts yelling, swearing, using personally offense language that I could and would never use in public... every word you could ever imagian comes out of their mouth. I try to help them but they are not listening to me... I want to help them... I feel horrible I can't. They leave the bank and I wonder why do people treat me this way? I understand people think TCF is the devil and that is fine... ok. If you hate us so much I would rather you found somewhere you liked, but seriously why? This is the only job I have ever had where I have been confronted with people who I have felt seriously threatened by... I know most customers aren't this way but some are... I just hope noone on here has done things like that because it makes a difference if your upset we understand and most of the time hopefully we try to help... if you yell and swear we just want you to stop yelling and if you don't we try to remove you from the bank as quickly as possible
FYI... I am a college student and I am graduating soon :) I am not stupid, I graduated high school and I have also never been fired from a job or from other bank. Not all tcf employees are stupid, some are but not all. Also a lot of employees of tcf move on to other banks that focus more on retaining customer than sales which is what I plan to do. So that teller at wells fargo or US bank or fill in the blank bank that you like so much could have once been employeed at tcf. Once again to each their own but a lot of good people work there and are bound by tcf policies... blame the corporation
This sight is genius and I wish I would have found it before I started my account with them.

To make a long story short, cash your checks at walmart and keep the money under your pillow.

Dont let anyone manage your money, you will pay for it!

Contact me

I would like to add to this that COMPASS BANK is similar in practice and will STEAL your money. They do all their withdrawls FIRST and then credit your deposits. So if you have, oh say....a PAYCHECK deposited on the same day you have your car payments or mortgage deducted, they will take the bill out, THEN credit your deposit. HOPEFULLY you will not go negative when they clear the bills or they will slap you with a big fat NSF fee.
Another thing they like to do is allow you to take money out, CASH - when you don't have it. We withdrew $60 when there was only $58 in there and they #1 gave it to us, rather than saying, uh.. no there is not $60 in there... and then #2 charged us a NSF fee. RIGHT TO OUR FACE. WTF? And the last thing... they let check card transactions go through even if there aren't funds.
Some of you will no doubt say this is my fault, I should have "kept a register" or known what I had in my account... well you are right, and I DID, at least I THOUGHT I knew what I had... but the way they time their deposits F***ed it all up. So it is their little way of making money. by screwing the customer. I wanted to add that to your TCF blog - because now reading all of this I won't bank at TCF, I won't bank at Wells Fargo and sure as hell won't bank with Compass.... we have gone to a credit union. Good luck to you.
TCF is awful. i just got a letter saying the $$$ I deposited is on hold for 10 days because they have been advised that the check I deposited MIGHT not be paid. I have confirmation (the cancelled check) that the check actually CLEARED the bank it was drawn on THE DAY BEFORE TCF sent their letter. I will be so glad when the last 2 checks clear so I can get out before the next wave of FEES hits my FREE checking account..lol.
TCF = Take Customer's Funds!
I have had an account with TCF for 4 years. I have had many good experiences with hem. I have made errors and been charged for them which seems fair to me. However, I am now praying for a miracle to straighten out my account. I have incurred over $1000 inNSF fees because I set up my TCF account as back up funding for my PayPal account. The job that I had that paid directly to PayPal suddenly ended and I didn't r emember to cancel all the automatic transaction through PayPal. PayPal has sent 5 transactions ranging from $5.99 to $99 through 4 times each. TCF has not paid them but has charged me $34 each time. Now my account is overdrawn, I can't close it and I don't make enough money to cover these charges. TCF has reversed charges in the past for which I am thankful but I do not know yet if they will reverse 1/2 of the fees as I've requested this time so that I can support my family and pay everyone I now owe!!!!
Very few of you have legitimate banking complaints. First off, most banks process in the order of largest to smallest transactions. If you use the credit side of your Check card and don't have enough funds, the pending authorizations can cause od's. Most banks have funds availability policies (if they don't it's a risky business practice). All banks are regulated by state and federally mandated policies and regulations. Banks are not non-profit companies, they make money from interest and fees. That revenue provides you a 0% liability to fraud, disputes departments, 24-7 customer service, free checking and savings accounts, transaction records/statements, online banking, versatility of your funds, check cards, atm cards, atm locations, etc. This is all ran by complex technology that must be maintained and the supporting employees compensated. There is no such thing as a free meal!!! If you F your account up, you'll be supporting the bank that provides overall free services to responsible people in a profit driven environment. Why don't all of you whiny little babies pool your money together and open up your own bank (anybody can - it's a business) and then we can see how well you can run it. My guess is poorly, like how most of you took care of your accounts.

I have to admit, I love seeing people try taking advantage of the banking system and then it bites them in the A$$. I see it all the time by lying, cheating, stealing, kiting, scams, etc.

P.S. I don't work for TCF bank but do work in the banking industry.
Why do you consistently whiny people have bank accounts? Just put the money in your home. Oh right, because then if its stolen or is involved in a house fire it's not covered by your home insurance....you idiots. Alot of people don't pay fees b/c they are responsible, so banks basically insure their money for free. While some of you are irresponsible!!! Consider your fees an insurance premium for keeping your funds safe. Use a bank or don't, just quit complaining about everything all the time. That goes for all things...not just banking.
All the security features in banks that all of you (customers) are crying about has been implemented because of customers!!!! Scams, cheats, liars, kiting, ignorance, etc. We brought it on ourselves.

For example, funds availability is implemented by banks to make sure they get the cash in their hands before letting the customer spend it. Because so many times before when there was not funds availability, customers would spend the money - check bounces - takes many man hours, lawyer fees, employees costs to recover what you irresponsible people do. If I had a bank I would have as many restrictions, regulations, and policies in place.
"This is all ran by complex technology that must be maintained"

So that banking can continue to dehumanize the experience to even lower levels than the ones we customers experience today.

"and the supporting employees compensated."

So that scams such as "low to high reconcilliation", can continue to be refined so as to maximize "stockholder profitability"

To each and every TCF employee that has treated me with rudeness and disdain when asked a question or challenged a "corporate" policy that negatively treats a customer,

When you are finally sold off? I'm sure all of you will be treated as you have treated your bread and butter customers for years.

My pleasure will be in smiling to each and every one of you as I hold the door open as you leave unemployed.
"So that banking can continue to dehumanize the experience to even lower levels than the ones we customers experience today".

Oh please give me examples of how technology is dehumanizing you. Let's take away direct deposits, online banking, computer systems that our 24/7 customer service use, our record keeping backed by technology to retrieve it, our check cards, our atm's, etc. Give me examples please and not just claims.

Scams such as "low to high reconcilliation"??? I don't want to assume what you mean so will you please elaborate on this scam.

Stockholder profitability? 99% of banks are publicly traded and for all I know, you are benefiting from this questionable scam from which you claim.

Now I do agree with you on rudeness, a lot of banks I have been to have this issue. Usually a cause from the mix of young kids and low pay. I don't think I would like being a teller for $8 having people continually yell at me. The lowest position in every company unfortunately will have rude people. I would like to see it change too, but lets not hold our breath.

Also, what do you mean by "finally sold off"? Welcome to America where the real owner's of this country are the owners of businesses. This is the land where anybody could become laid off or go through a merger.

"My pleasure will be in smiling to each and every one of you as I hold the door open as you leave unemployed." How nice of you to lump everyone together in the banking industry you cold-hearted individual. You come off as a George Bush supporter to me. How about you not vote next election.
"Oh please give me examples of how technology is dehumanizing you. Let's take away direct deposits, online banking, computer systems that our 24/7 customer service use, our record keeping backed by technology to retrieve it, our check cards, our atm's, etc. Give me examples please and not just claims."

Example #1:
ADP which handles our companies Direct Deposit services two weeks ago screwed up thousands of deposits one week before Christmas. Some folks didn't receive their deposit credits until mid-week the following week. Did ADP call its customers asking if this little "slip-up" would create a financial hardship to REAL people who worked REAL hours to earn REAL wages only to find they were REAL broke? No. Did they offer ANY sort of explanation as to what happened and that it would be rectified? No. Will we ever receive any sort of apology for the trouble and inconvenience caused? My guess is? No. Dehumanization.

Example #2:
Oh, you mean the 24/7 customer service computers that can't explain to me in the simplest of terms when something was TRULY reconcilled? Explain to me why YOUR computers can't even jive between your internal systems and customer on-line access? Dehumanizing.

Example #3:
Your ATMs are located in some of the WORST places I've ever been. Most of the time they're non-functioning. Dehumanizing on two counts... These are meant to replace Human tellers.

Shall I continue?

"Scams such as "low to high reconcilliation"??? I don't want to assume what you mean so will you please elaborate on this scam."

Actually? my goof. It's called "High to Low" reconcilliation. and it works like this:

Johnny has an account with your institution. A Checking Account let's say, Johnny has $200.00 available in this account. Johnny over the course of the week writes five checks for $25.00 each and one check for $176.00. each check arrives at the bank along with a check for deposit all on the same day. Instead of the bank clearing the five checks for $25.00 and then the $176.00 check, they choose to clear the $176.00 check first and then the five checks for $25.00. "High to Low" this little shell game racks the bank up a tidy little NSF "fee" X 4. The deposit? that's irrelevent due to bank fund availability "rules"

"Stockholder profitability? 99% of banks are publicly traded and for all I know, you are benefiting from this questionable scam from which you claim."

Yes, you're probably right on that point since I am a Mutual Fund investor. Which makes me an owner nevertheless. Would your management appreciate the tone your using with me right now? Which also reminds me, those of you that may have Mutual Funds with TCF as a holding might want to consider suggesting selling it for a more consumer oriented banking institution.

"Now I do agree with you on rudeness, a lot of banks I have been to have this issue. Usually a cause from the mix of young kids and low pay. I don't think I would like being a teller for $8 having people continually yell at me. The lowest position in every company unfortunately will have rude people. I would like to see it change too, but lets not hold our breath."

Yes and what business is dumb enough to put it's lowest paid employee right smack dab out in front as it's customer service representative? Yup. Banks.

"Also, what do you mean by "finally sold off"? Welcome to America where the real owner's of this country are the owners of businesses. This is the land where anybody could become laid off or go through a merger."

Exactly. and you too will soon be part of the chosen.

"My pleasure will be in smiling to each and every one of you as I hold the door open as you leave unemployed."

"How nice of you to lump everyone together in the banking industry you cold-hearted individual. You come off as a George Bush supporter to me. How about you not vote next election"

And you come off as nothing more than a TCF/Banking stooge that will shortly be taking up residence in the unemployment line.

The sad thing is my taxes will be paying for a portion of your benefits.
"And you come off as nothing more than a TCF/Banking stooge that will shortly be taking up residence in the unemployment line".

I'm sorry, I am appearing to give TCF representatives a bad name. Hehehe. I'm actually an accountant and I don't work for TCF. I also doubt I will be in the unemployment line ;-)

To comment on your examples:
- Example #1 (ADP)
I don't know who ADP is but if you decide to use technology for direct deposits you are inviting occasional technological errors into your life. Either you accept or decline. Also a free service.

- Example #2 (24/7 customer service) Can't complain too much here, this is a free service. I have never been provided inaccurate information from online banking at my bank. But then again it is another free service technological errors could happen. And if they do happen you have agreed to allow your bank adequate amount of time to fix the specific error. It's in your consumer account agreement.

- Example #3 (ATM's)
You should definitely shop around for a bank with the most convenient ATM's for you. And again, another free service.

"Yes and what business is dumb enough to put it's lowest paid employee right smack dab out in front as it's customer service representative? Yup. Banks".

Right off the bat....the retail industry does. I have not yet come across a business that does NOT put their lowest paid employees right smack dab out in front as it's customer service. I can't think of one right now anyway. The more of a position in a company - the less paid they will be. It's just a fact in the business hierarchy world.

I agree with you on stacking the withdrawals and getting od's for pending check card authorizations! What I say to everyone here is, when you know it's a bear trap - don't stick your foot in it!!! Banks truly capitalize off irresponsibility 99% of the time, As do most BUSINESSES! And yes, most of it is a cause of irresponsibility.

People, let's get our priorities straight. Lets stop complaining about how banks are over-capitalizing off their irresponsible customers and how their free services aren't up to your standards. Let's start complaining about and how to fix a broken health care system and other very important topics.

People will complain about free atm's more than how F*cked up the environment or even your city streets are. Things you pay for through taxes and the funds are being inappropriately used allocated incorrectly. People complain about gasoline, soooo monopolized but yet everyone still wants their big SUV's.

P.S. I will let you in on a little secret...if you really want to cripple the banking industry, don't spend more money than you have. Then they won't over-capitalize from your irresponsibility. 40% of bank revenue is from fees. When I was in college working full-time I enjoyed all the luxuries a bank could offer---for free!!!! How? don't overdraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm sorry, I am appearing to give TCF representatives a bad name. Hehehe. I'm actually an accountant and I don't work for TCF. I also doubt I will be in the unemployment line ;-)"

Thank You for that disclosure. At least we now have a fair idea who butters your bread. I'm simply a consumer who's tired of the way banking has conducted their business for years and feels it's time for a change.

"To comment on your examples:
- Example #1 (ADP)
I don't know who ADP is but if you decide to use technology for direct deposits you are inviting occasional technological errors into your life. Either you accept or decline. Also a free service."

ADP is one of the largest (if not the largest) payroll services in the country. Because of the volume of ACP transactions which they handle they are also identified as a banking institution. I'm surprised that you did not know this being an accountant and all.
There is nothing free about this service to my employer.

"Example #2 (24/7 customer service) Can't complain too much here, this is a free service. I have never been provided inaccurate information from online banking at my bank. But then again it is another free service technological errors could happen. And if they do happen you have agreed to allow your bank adequate amount of time to fix the specific error. It's in your consumer account agreement."

Ahh yes, the "consumer account agreement" would this be the one where a Harvard Law professor as part of a course in contract law asked 4th year Law students to decypher and make easier to understand for the "average consumer? It took months. In the end, what was made clear was that consumers had little enforcible rights and banks could do whatever the hell they wanted under the terms of use. In terms of TCF's 24/7 service as being "free" you get what you pay for.

"Example #3 (ATM's)
You should definitely shop around for a bank with the most convenient ATM's for you. And again, another free service."

Wow. Apparently someone hasn't used an ATM in the last 15 years. Free Service? Are you kidding me? The shift to banks using ATM's was born out of nothing more than shifting the cost burden of customer transactions to the customers themselves. Why should banks have to pay the cost of human interaction with customers when they can get all of us to saddle up to their tin boxes and have the customer pay for the priviledge?

"Yes and what business is dumb enough to put it's lowest paid employee right smack dab out in front as it's customer service representative? Yup. Banks".

"Right off the bat....the retail industry does. I have not yet come across a business that does NOT put their lowest paid employees right smack dab out in front as it's customer service. I can't think of one right now anyway. The more of a position in a company - the less paid they will be. It's just a fact in the business hierarchy world."

Yes, and the only way that "fact" will ever change is if we as consumers stop patronizing those businesses.

"I agree with you on stacking the withdrawals and getting od's for pending check card authorizations! What I say to everyone here is, when you know it's a bear trap - don't stick your foot in it!!! Banks truly capitalize off irresponsibility 99% of the time, As do most BUSINESSES! And yes, most of it is a cause of irresponsibility."

Please name ONE business that so clearly profits from "irresponsibility" that it searches for new ways to confuse and decieve consumers to add to it's business model the ways that Banking has done over the last say 20 years.

"People, let's get our priorities straight. Lets stop complaining about how banks are over-capitalizing off their irresponsible customers and how their free services aren't up to your standards. Let's start complaining about and how to fix a broken health care system and other very important topics."

Yes, let's steer ANY culpability for ANYTHING away from consumer banking so they can continue their grossly excessive profit taking. They have to make up for it somehow thanks in large part to their participation in the Sub-Prime mortgage mess they've heaped upon the economy.

"People will complain about free atm's more than how F*cked up the environment or even your city streets are. Things you pay for through taxes and the funds are being inappropriately used allocated incorrectly. People complain about gasoline, soooo monopolized but yet everyone still wants their big SUV's."

At least I can stare a person in the eye and ask them to be accountable to where my taxes are spent. If I don't receive an acceptable answer, I have the obligation as a citizen to vote the individuals out of their positions.

We can hardly say that about the Banking industry can we? If I hear the term "Market Forces determined our decision" one more time? I think I'm likely to puke.

Translation? "We didn't make our third quarter prediction of 25% profit over the second quarter"

"P.S. I will let you in on a little secret...if you really want to cripple the banking industry, don't spend more money than you have. Then they won't over-capitalize from your irresponsibility. 40% of bank revenue is from fees. When I was in college working full-time I enjoyed all the luxuries a bank could offer---for free!!!! How? don't overdraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here's a better idea.

Cash baby.... Cash.
I agree 100% that the lowest paid employee's are on the front lines dealing with customers, some examples Gas stations, do you really think that the owner of Super America is wondering around waiting on customers in there stores? Do you think that McDonald's or any food service owners have waited on a customer in the past 5 years? What about department stores?? Think about it, small business owners are there helping customers but large business's owners are very absent.
Everyone at TCF has been nice to me. The bank still has horrible policies, though. That makes things worse. It's very similar to someone looking at you with a great big smile while saying, "Hi. You're money is more important to us than you. Now go away. :-D"

Fact is, the policies of TCF really do favor the bank more than you know, and you don't notice it until it starts to mess with their agenda.

I have closed my account because I live on the opposite side of the Rocky Mountains from the closest TCF, but now I have to drive to the closest branch because they received money into my closed account! Oddly enough, they would not receive money from my friend who was making a deposit for me WITH CASH to cover payments that I knew were going to be going through that week that I was closing my account. So... to no surprise, I received more overdraft fees from the very nice people. Not only was my friend giving cash, but the $ was going to be for the exact amount so that I didn't have to go through more hassle to close my account.

Now, because it truly cost me less to pay off the overdraft fees than to drive through the mountains to a convenient location, I have paid off the fees and I STILL have $200 in my CLOSED account. For awhile I had a small portion of my paycheck directly deposited there so I could keep the account open, but due to the diminishing service I was getting (during the time I decided to not put my full paycheck into their bank), but I immediately changed that when I closed the account. However, TCF still seems to receive part of my paycheck because "it takes a couple pay periods to make the change." Again, it is in my CLOSED account to which I have no access. Oh wait... Sorry. I lied. I do have access to SEE online that I have $200 in the account. I just can't spend it, withdraw it, transfer it or touch it. I can just look at it... very similar to looking at a priceless work of art being displayed at the Chicago Art Museum.

It truly makes sense, though! Art is about expression, emotion, passion. TCF is very much the same way! With great expression, TCF tells you when your funds available depending on how it makes their pockets feel, and with great passion they smile to tell you, "Please bend over as we make your deposit."

To those of you who are saying that the bank is great... it's only because you've needed your money only when it is convenient for them. Trust me. Put them to the test. Deposit only what you need to cover your bills, and the deposit the rest of your paychecks into a different bank. Watch the quality of service go down. The only reason I was changing my direct deposit was a matter of where I live in relation to the bank itself. Amazing what a difference in attitude of service!

Anyway, I'm not ranting and raving. I'm actually quite happy. And when I am near a TCF next, I will go in with a smile to receive my $200. Then, I will say to the teller, "Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day." Then, I will walk away and disappear from that persons life until eternity. TCF will live on, and so will I... happily ever after.
Here is the number for Jennifer Daugherty, Senior Vice President of TCF for the Midwest Region. I obtained her number after calling the OCC to find out more information about TCF. I am also dealing with certain issues involving the bank. I hope this helps any of you that need issues resolved. Good luck everyone.

Jennifer Daugherty
TCF Bank is not a good bank, if you are a working poor person, who does not make numerous deposits, and sometimes overdrafts. I know, because I am poor, and have not made numerous deposits, and have had overdrafts. If you are like me I don’t recommend a TCF Banks account, because what you think will help your credit score or financial situation, will only make it worse, when you get reported to ChexSystems and the Credit Bureau. It doesn’t matter if it is a small amount, like a NSF fee of $34. If it goes unpaid for thirty days, you will have your account deactivated, sent to collections, and reported to ChexSystems (“kiss of death”). When you try to open another account you will be denied by 90% of banks.

I had my account deactivated, sent to collections, discharged (shows on credit report for 5 years), and reported to ChexSystems (reported for 5 years). This happened as my bank explained it to me: I had owed $47 and it went unpaid for 30 days.

I personally know people who have had far more owed for far longer and have not had this happen to them. The difference between those people and me is: Larger income and higher rate of deposit (deposit money into bank more often).

Since I have less money and have a lower rate of deposit I suspect Loss Prevention or some bean counters decided I was not profitable for them to keep as a customer. If you have higher rates of deposit and earn a decent income you will be preferred, even if you overdraft, because they will get the fee paid later, even much later then 30 days before they will report to credit bureaus and Chexsytems. I feel like this is class discrimination.

For those who want to say that it is the persons own fault for all and any overdrafts are brainless. Sometimes there are unauthorized uses, which can cause an “overdraft” (if there isn’t enough money in the account to cover it). My mother had this happen numerous times after she made a payment by check over the phone. She only authorized a one time transfer or payment. Every month when her bill was due, they would withdraw money without permission and leave her with overdrafts. After she paid the overdrafts, she contacted the unauthorized merchant and said to stop and they said they would. Next month, same thing happened. My point is that not all people who overdraft are mismanaging their accounts. It’s not mismanagement if you have a low balance.

In summary: Think hard about opening an account with a bank that discriminates against poor people. The checking account is free, but you will pay for it in the end.

Just my 2 cents (literally),
Former TCF banker
2 months ago I opened several accounts at TCF including a small business checking. I finally got everything moved from Arizona to Colorado and deposited my first check into the small business acct on Jan 28th. Having just moved, and now paying both a mortgage and rent, I need at least a small percentage of the money just to survive. The check was from a business account at Wells Fargo and I was told that the check would post in 3-5 days... no problem. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to transfer money online to my personal checking, I called the 800 number. I was told that at some point or another that the account the check was coming from had had insufficient funds...not current insufficient funds....but some time in the past. I was told that the earliest any money could possibly be available is January 13th.... 16 days after the deposit. After several confusing minutes on the phone I was told that there was nothing anyone could do except wait. On top of that, every check I receive from this business would have to wait at least as long. WTF??? Is technology not advanced enough to handle this??? Can we really not get a check cashed for 3 weeks? Do I have to wait on the Pony Express to ride into town with my dough? I came from a credit union in Arizona and I never once had anything but perfect service so I took the time to call customer service numbers from several other regular banks and, through their laughter, they explained that the longest they had ever seen was 5 days and after you had deposited a few checks from one source, you could have the money available the moment you walked into their branch. Now after that check finally clears, if ever, I will have to take time out of my day to go into a branch, close all my accounts, and go to another bank and start all over. Thanks alot TCF, great customer service.
I made a mistake above, the funds available date they gave me was February 13, not January.
I am SO SO SO glad to see that I am not the only one who HATES TCF Bank....The only reason I even opened an account with them is because it was my first checking account out of high school, I didn't have a lot of money, and my hours were all over the place. So that being said my story goes all the way back to 1998. I deposited aprox. $500 which was just enough to cover the checks that I was going to write. TCF lost my deposit and of course they conveniently could not get copies of the transactions from that day! I fought back and fourth with them but unfortunately I LOST all of the checks came through and brought my account negative $453. The account was closed and TCF sent it to collections. It took until 2003 to get that whole fiasco taken care of.....Being young, and broke I didn't have many other choices for banking. Since 1998 I have had a number of TCF accounts...One of which was a checking account that was closed last year because my purse was stolen. I filed a police report, went to my local branch to “fill out some paper work”, and canceled my bank cards. The thief was still able to use my bank card and overdraw my account...TCF loss prevention "never received" all of the information that was sent to them and they sent the account to collections. I have gone into the bank on a number of occasions with all of my documentation. The manager kept assuring me that she would get this situation resolved. So now it has been 1 year, too many trips to the local branch to count, and numerous calls to the manager of loss prevention and guess what!!!!!! The issue is still not resolved and I still have not gotten my money back!!!!!!! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL......So fast forward to this past Saturday (Feb 9, 2008)....I went to the bank to deposit a check into one account and transfer money from my savings......The Personal Banker informs me that there is a hold on my account for $453 from 1998 (TEN YEARS LATER and this issue has resurfaced and IS STILL NOT TAKEN CARE OF) I can't believe this s#@!...... This is ridiculous! I am packing up and running for the hills!!!
I do not have a TCF account. Thank goodness. I am very happy at Citibank. However, my boyfriend does and it is shocking to see the scams TCF has pulled. There unethical/unreasonable policies baffles me.
My boyfriend had fraudulent charges on his account. Someone got ahold of his bank card number and made online purchases, which caused his account to be overdrawn. Then, of course, he was hit with several overdraft fees. TCF fraud department investigated the charges and says because the 3 digit number on the back of the card was used to make these purchases, he had to be the one who had made them. So not only do they stick with overdraft fees, but they also call him a liar. Well, at this time he didn't have a lot of money in his account to begin with because he had been laid off from his job and hadn't been working. He couldn't pay all the charges as quickly as they wanted him to and gave him a date they needed to be paid by. He did pay the overdraft fees by that date, actually a couple days earlier. They claim he didn't and they sent him to check systems. He thought everything was fine and didn't know he had been sent until he went to another bank to open up an account and the would not do it because of the check system situation. So now he can't get an account with any other bank for 5 years. However, TCF informed him he could open up an account with them. Amazing! After not having an account for months. He decided he would go back to TCF because he needed a checking acoount and this would be the only option. They happily opened up a new account for him.
Already he is having problems again. We were out last night and he went to pay the check and his card was declined, causing me to pay. Well, he had deposited $2000 on Monday, so this shouldn't have happened. He calls today to find out why and they tell him it is because the check is not a local check, so it will take 5 days for it to clear. Friday would have been the fifth day. It should not take this long and how can they hold it by saying it's not local when they have branches all over. This is just a few of the negative things that have happened while he banked there.
Needless, to say I have been spreading the word for months not to bank at TCF.
I know intend on helping him fight this mess. Have an attorney friend willing to help.
Looking at all of these commments and talking to people who have had similiar experiences with this bank makes me wonder how they get anyone to bank there.
Does anyone know how to cancel "free online banking"? My statements always show a $2.95 online banking fee. On the same page that states "TCF OFFERS FREE ONLINE BANKING, FREE BILL PAY, AND FREE ONLINE STATEMENTS."! So far, i've been unable to locate a link to anyplace for cancelling!! Other than that tho,, no complaints.
Does anyone know how to cancel "free online banking"? My statements always show a $2.95 online banking fee. On the same page that states "TCF OFFERS FREE ONLINE BANKING, FREE BILL PAY, AND FREE ONLINE STATEMENTS."! So far, i've been unable to locate a link to anyplace for cancelling!! Other than that tho,, no complaints.
I am glad that I found this site. TCF employees have been stealing money from my mothers checking account. We tried to contact the corporate office, but they never responded to the letter that was sent. There is no phone numbers to the corporate office. They took over $600 from my mom' s account. This is horrible. my mother is an elderly lady. Do anyone have any legal advise . I can be reached at kiamona@hotmail.com
I am glad that I found this site. TCF employees have been stealing money from my mothers checking account. We tried to contact the corporate office, but they never responded to the letter that was sent. There is no phone numbers to the corporate office. They took over $600 from my mom' s account. This is horrible. my mother is an elderly lady. Do anyone have any legal advise . I can be reached at kiamona@hotmail.com
I am glad that I found this site. TCF employees have been stealing money from my mothers checking account. We tried to contact the corporate office, but they never responded to the letter that was sent. There is no phone numbers to the corporate office. They took over $600 from my mom' s account. This is horrible. my mother is an elderly lady. Do anyone have any legal advise . I can be reached at kiamona@hotmail.com
I am SHOCKED at your comments. I've been with TCF for YEARS and have had a WONDERFUL experience. I own my own company and have very high cash demands. Throughout the years, I've dealt with Chase (awful!), LaSalle (nearly as bad) and a host of other banks. TCF is what a bank should be! Open 7 days a week. Staff know me by name. Fast service at the counter.
I have been contacted by a few folks who have had similar experiences as mine with the TCF collections staff in Burr Ridge. It has been suggested that if enough consumers that have been, in one way or another, subject to abusive activity by the TCF, a class action law suite might be pursued. Anyone want to explore this option? Let's trade horror stories about Vicki, Frank, Don, etc...... ms2728@aol.com
I have been approached by other Illinois TCF mortgage customers who have shared my experience of being subject to a variety of abuse and regulatory non-compliance by the TCF collections staff in Burr Ridge. One individual would like to get a group together to discuss the options for a class action. Anyone care to explore pursuing this? Any horror stories about Vicki, Frank, Don etc that really need to be told? ms2728@aol.com
I've been with tcf bank way too long(11years). long story short my acc went to collections a few years back. i paid the debt and continoued my acc with them. now 3 years later I want to open a new acc at a differnt bank but becauce of check systems remark I need a letter from tcf saying I paid this debt. I'm on my 3rd try and 3 months later and still no letter. all I get is "i sent the request for the letter. you should get it with in 7-10 days"... WTF yes it part my fault but still 3 plus months later and no letter.
I get direct deposit every other Thursday. My wife wrote a check on Monday for daycare for our kids for $300. At the time, I had just over $1000 in my account. Wednesday rolls around and the check still hadn't cleared. I had a balance of about $800 Wednesday night and knew I was getting paid by direct deposit first thing Thursday. I took $650 out just before the bank closed on Wednesday night to make a purchase. Thursday morning, I check my account. The check had cleared, showing 3/6 as the date and two small pending charges I made that morning. Everything appeared okay. For all you haters, I did have the money to cover the check except for a few hours Wednesday night not thinking a check can clear after or before business hours. I wouldn't have taken the cash out that night had I known TCF would f*** me like this! I look at my account just now and the check apparently cleared at 9:58pm Wednesday night. The two charges I made after the deposit showed up before the deposit but after the $300 check cleared. So, I'm paying $35.99 for a Rockstar, $36 for two breakfast burritos from McDonalds and $334 for a week's worth of daycare all because a check cleared at a very opportune time for the bank. How can two charges I made after my check was deposited show up before?! I will contact TCF tomorrow because they have no support at this hour. If they won't work with me on this, I will go back to my credit union.
Checks clear over night... that is how it has worked for me at TCF and Wells Fargo... That is when they are processed. End of story. I have nothing but good things to say about them. No major problems except some person stole my purse and used my credit and check cards. TCF was so good to me. They wrote letters to my credit card companies to explain why my checks bounced to help my avoid late payment fee's.
No matter what TCF 'gives' away, this is the WORST possible bank to even pretend to deal with. You might as well send me 1/3 your direct deposit instead of giving it to the bloodsucking, soul-less, sacks of meat they are. Seriously. Banking with them is like getting a prostate exam from jack-frost.
Ok, first of all, I only read about a handful of these comments since most of them were just whinny little you know what's because they don't understand banking policies and procedures. I can honestly say that until I worked at a bank, I compained just like you are. After I worked at my first bank, which was Wells Fargo, I understood why the tellers get frustrated, it's because people (in general, not all) are idiots. I currently work for TCF and the reason I left Wells was becasue they are horrible, my manager was never willing to reverse OD fees. Is that true of all Wells Fargo banks? No, but I didn't like the way they treated their customers or employees.

Now, TCF is not the best bank, no bank is. But, TCF is very good at what they do....which is to follow the rules and regulation out forth by the government.

To the guy that started this blog: I am sorry that you felt they were rude. I used the word felt because I was not there and will not accept your version of the story as true unless I have video footage along with voice recordings. They should not have been as rude as you say they were, but they were following policy. Checkbook and SSN are not forma of ID and for extremely large amounts (around $5000-$10000 and up) banks need to verify extra information. Secondly, shut up about the fees. You said that you drew your account down to $1 and abonded it and then a charge you didn't make came thorugh. Did you file fraud? Well, you didn't say so, so I will assume no. If you don't file fraud, TCF cannot assume you did not make the charge. Thirdly, get over it.

To the person with the online banking issue, the college student: You have access to online banking, I do not believe they would tell you otherwise. They may have said you do not have access to preferred online baking which is completley different. Again, get over it.

To the person who is upset about being able to use their card when they do not have money: Banks do not know what you spend until you spend it. There are transactions called pending transactions. They do not account for anything when you try to use your card. If you have a current(posted) balance of $20 and spend $10 at Caribou and go to spend another $20 at Best Buy, you will have fees unless you deposit money. If you don't like it, get overdraft protection on your account. Oh, and also, keep a register. Also, there this little thing called opting out of ATM and POS transactions which will not allow you to spend more than you current balance...pending transactions are still not included in that total.

To the person with the "at least you have enough money" comment: I apologize, that was rude. You have every reason to be mad.

To the people who called any bank a dueche: Your a dueche.

I know I said I did not like Wells Fargo, but that does not mean I think their inferior to TCF, they are a bank and so is TCF. They have their policies, and so does TCF. Grow up, learn how to manage your money, and don't blame others for your poor decisions.

Some last thoughts: TCF does not steal money, if you do not have it and spend, we will charge you. If you go to another bank they will do the same or worse. TCF charges per transaction, Wells charges per transaction and per day...that's $33/per transaction and $33/day that you are negative. Also, all banks lose records of deposits. Just because you go into the bank and the teller hands you a "handy dandy" receipt does not mean your deposit went through. There is a magical place downtown that reruns every transaction to make sure us tellers did it right, and if your deposit is "lost" it most likely was downtown because tellers bundle their work at the end of the day and send it down. I have been with TCF for 2 yrs now and have been a manager for the last year, and I have reversed a ton of OD fees because people cannot seem to keep track of their expenses. I am amazed at what some of you people have said here. You are ignorant, if you think I'm insulting you you are even more ignorant for not knowing the meaning of it. Work at a bank and you will understand what it feels like to be on the other side. I'm going to make a guess that most of you have been comlainers all your life or have had everything handed to on a silver platter. I ate ramen noodles for most of the years growing up and have been poor the last 5 years myself and I have had only 2 OD fees. If I can manage my accounts with barley any spending money (since it all goes to bills and school) you should be able to as well.

I'm sorry if there are some mispelled words, I was typing really fast and there's no spell checker on here.

Last comment: Get the f*&^ over it!!

Why I am not surprised to see a TCF employee being a smart ass....

Re-read what I wrote. The real issue is TCF refusing to give me money - which to this day still sits in a closed account because I won't drive 100 miles and physically go into a branch. They can mail it - they have told me as much. They just won't, and every "manager" that's supposed to call me back doesn't. Every time I've called I have to start all over as no one has any idea what I'm talking about.

TCF is a joke of a bank and I would venture to guess that a big part of that is because of employees that have attitudes like YOU.
I would just like to find out how the people who disagree with this post found this website. I found it when I typed in the words "why I don't like TCF bank" into Google.
TO xtcfcustomer:

I had a problem like yours, how I got around it was this:
Write/Type a letter to TCF telling them that you want to close account (account number). Please make check payable to (your name). And mail to me at:
(your name and address)
sign it and have it notarized.
That should help you. It worked for me. Good luck!
I have had accounts at almost every bank there is and never had a fee of any kind. Mostly due to the fact that I keep a register and balance it everyday and I read all the materials they give me on how the account works. In short, you can't always pass the buck when it comes to being dilligent about your finances and it is important for every single person to be a smart consumer whether it is about where you bank or where you shop. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
TCF Bank is the worst rip off bank I have ever run into. They stole my money that a client sent to me of over $7,000. it was sent by bank wire they started making inquiries into the origin of the wire and closed the account and my money is still sitting there. I cannot get it as they said it is floating??? Biggest bunch of BS ever. My money has been floating in there system for over 2 weeks now with no explanation. It is absolute crap. I wish I had seen all this info earlier. But I do believe they will get what is coming to them somehow. You can't just steal hard working American's money...unless I guess you are TCF bank.
Pretty much the worst bank I have ever used. I never had any major screw ups with cash transfers (mostly because I would not trust them with such transactions), but the employees are seemingly poorly trained and incompetent. If you ask 3 employees the same question, I am willing to bet you get 3 different answers. I have never had any real issues with attitude, just all over lack of knowledge. They just screw stuff up a lot and are not willing to admit the mistakes and fix the screw-ups without a hassle or a fight. You will mainly get an "oh, sorry, he/she should not have told you that, but even though our error cost you $200, I can only credit your account $50." Yeah... no thanks.

Not that you shouldn't be checking your bank transactions meticulously to begin with... but if you stick with TCF, be extra certain you double check EVERYTHING. And ALWAYS deal only with a manager... at least you get a bit more accountability that way. But all in all, there are far better options.
I HATE TCF! I'm with them now because of my bad credit. ;(

and i agreed with timothy statement of poorly trained workers. Most banks' position requires minimum of 2 years customer services elsewhere or some college. But TCF they just hire anyone who's willing to work.
I had just gotten my first job and needed a bank account. So i went with TCF's free checking. Everything was fine until about two months later my debit card info was "stolen" and the crooks managed to withdrawl not only the 500 dollars i had in the bank, but an addition 500 that I did not have. Leaving my balance about negative 700 including the overdraft each time they withdrew past the amount I had in there. This happened within 2 days. When i found out i was extremely upset and demended to speak directly to the bank manager. Not only did they give me a hard time about it, and pretty much say i was at fault, but when i questioned as to how the crooks could have withdrew more money than i had in the bank, the manager simply stated that not all ATM's know your balance and will continuesly give out money. What kind of garabage is that? I seriously think that bank is run by crooks. Needless to say I never got my money back, and i sure as heck wasn't going to ever bank with them again. I have WAMU now, and i'm very happy with them.
I am a former employee of TCF. Let me just say that it is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. First of all, they don't care at all about customer service. TCF wants money out of customers and they will do anything to get it. My manager had certain selling techniques to help persuade the customer into opening an account. Those tellers have monthly goals and are under constant stress and pressure. If they dont make the goal, it looks bad on their review and they wont pass if they arent hitting goals. If they dont pass their review, they go on probation, and if they cant make up what they missed, they get terminated. It's an unstable job to have. Also, for every account that is opened, the teller gets an incentive pay. The pay ranges from the various ways they could have opened. It can range from about $2 to $10 per account depending on that. Lets say they got a customer on the Cub Floor while they were shopping, that a $10 bonus on their pay check. If it was a customer who walked in and opened a checking account, its $3. Also, tellers are told not to care about problems many people have unless they are seriously considering closing their account. TCF is a scam, and every day I worked there I was under constant pressure and stress. It felt more like a car dealership than a bank. Do not bank there for any reason. They will screw you over, I saw it everyday. Don't open an account just to get the free gift. You will end up paying for it, and it will end up breaking on you. Usually its the generic brand of some sort. I had so many people complain because of the dvd player or digital camera they got for free and it was broken after a couple uses. Watch out for them and tell your friends. Watch out if you go to a major college in MN too. They have their hands in the institution and will try to get new college kids to sign up for an account after they attend an orientation. It was always a big deal for which branch got to operate that when I worked there. And no, I was not terminated by TCF, I left the company after 2 years.
I was the above poster, (former TCF employee). I was reading someone comment about account breaches. I just wanted to confirm that and say it happens a lot. Employees look into accounts all the time. My manager was obsessed with the Vikings and would look into players accounts all the time. A few of my co-workers would also go into accounts to see where the customer lived if they thought they were hot. I also wanted to confirm, that employees are poorly trained. We are sent into training for about one week and everything we learn is irrelevant to what the job is actually like. We arent trained for customer service, we are trained to sell and manipulate.



TCF bank really sucks. I used to work there and I hated it. I hated selling checking accounts to people who didn't want them. I wouldn't want one, either.

People had money missing out of their accounts for no reason, and people were missing deposits, too.

The managers there are terrible. Especially this hispanic one named Diana who should go back to Mexico because she's selfish and has no consideration for others.

I hope this bank goes down for good. It sucks. It's why I call them "Takes Cash Funds Bank" and Harris Bank rules in my book!
TCF Bank employees are rude,unfriendly and downright stupid. The Manager gave me a cashier check that was voided and I used it for my rent payment and when I found out from my landlord that it could not be cashed, I was pissed. I went back to TCF and got no apology, just a blank stare. They told me Manager gave me wrong checks that were suppose to be voided and thrown out. Do you believe these dummies! I can't believe they hire such idiots. Also, one of them yelled at my 4 year old daughter for taking some deposit slips. I can't stand going in there anymore. I just use drive thru now, so I don't have to look at their faces.....I have bank accounts at other banks and have never been treated like I did at TCF. Nobody ever smiles there, I can't stand them
People on this site are not complainers. It's the truth. I deposited a check for $338 yesterday and they have no record of it in their system. So, I am at work, and I am praying that I can find the receipt at home. They filed an investigation but now, I have to borrow money to get my car out of the shop until TCF fixes this. I have always like TCF until recently. How do you just lose a deposit? If you ever make a deposit, just make sure you get a receipt and keep it for your records.
Also, to the person who says to learn from your mistakes and move on.

How is it our mistake, as a customer, when we make a deposit and they lose it?

I am so frustrated with TCF right now. I want my deposit to be in my account and it's not. So, where in the heck is it?
I have been banking with TCF for well over ten years. They are far from perfect, but tell me anything or anyone that is. Here is a breakdown of what I like about TCF and some personal experiences:
• Free Checking
• Free Online Banking
• Professional and Courteous Tellers (from what I have experienced)
• Late and weekend hours
• Had direct deposit (DD), my DD showed the funds being deposited on one day, they were not deposited until two days later. I had some checks written and purchased items, assuming those funds were available. Because they were not I had some overdraft fees. I spoke to a branch manager, showed her my register, my DD confirmation and pleaded my case. She kindly refunded the overdraft fees.

Things I do not like:
• Cannot call 800 number to retrieve a branch phone number
• Wanted to set up some IRA’s. I had a difficult time getting in touch with someone to do this. Once I did meet with someone he was not very professional. I’ve decided to open IRA’s elsewhere.
Wow! On one hand, I'm so glad I'm not alone. On the other hand, it's terrible that TCF has scammed so many people! I hate that bank, and the minute I get this latest issue resolved, they'll never get another penny from me again.

My nightmare started in July, 2007, when I got a letter from a collection agency stating that they were trying to collect $70 for TCF. The account in question had been closed FOUR YEARS prior, and TCF kept assessing monthly service fees for a closed account. Their error, right? Right.

For the past nine months, I have been harassed a the collection agency for something I did not incur. I have spoken to no fewer than 25 TCF employees, all of whom are basically clueless. The branch sent me to Customer Service, who sent me to another department, and on to another department, and another, all of whom apparently just enjoy passing the buck. You know the drill. No one wanted to bother with this. My letter to the Office of the President went unanswered. No surprise there.

Meanwhile, I'm still being bugged by the collection agency, and now I have a collection on my otherwise perfect credit. It kills me that no one, not one single person, bothered to fix this, though they all promised up and down that they would, since it was a "bank error."

Every time I get a phone call or letter from collections, I call TCF and have to go through everything all over again. It gets old. Especially when it results in the same unresolved issue.

Those people are idiots and have no concept of good customer service.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.
I'm an X-employee and soon to be X-customer of TCF Bank. I know what they do in terms of shaddy banking. Working there was a joke, giving back fees to innocent, hard-working individuals was based on what kind of day the manager was having: he was happy, everyone got fees back, he was feeling shitty, NO ONE got fees back. That just shows you that there are no guidelines, rules, regulations on why they got fees or when to give them back. It was all based on MOOD, sadly.

Like someone commented above, I just grew up last week and got me a REAL BANK.
TCF bank should change their name to legally stealing bank. My experience with this bank is so ridiculous and uncall for. I had so many bad experience and the most recent one I had they posted one of my check which was NSF because of a few dollars short and I agreed to pay the NSF fees. Well I go online and look up the account and find out that they also posted 2 more nsf fees when I call the 800-screw-me and ask them why all this nsf fees the the rep stated they reverse 2 other transaction after being posted because they don't go by the day they received the check, they go by the date the check was written. LOL....HELLO IF THAT WAS THE DUMD CASE IT WILL BE CLEAR SINCE THE FUNDS WERE AVAILABLE WHEN I WROTE THE CHECK. Also they said everything is computer generated no live human work on the accounts. So my questions is how smart the computer is to read a check date and reverse two posted payments to charge more nsf. I told this all program by human don't give me the crap. Also, who cares if they are open saturday and sundays, if you do a cash transaction is not posted to the next business day. I ask the teller will my funds will be available today sunday and the teller say yes, you go online bank statement and it states pending transaction. If you want to give your hard working money away open an accoutn with TCF bank they will gladly open it for you legally steal your money. I wish I could let the public know to beware of this bank and its practice. I really think they need to be investigated and if their can be some sort of investigation. This bank have personal banker going to people business and houses opening account for commision. They out thier to take your money. BEWARE I which I could post this comment in a big bulletin for the public to read.
Let me guess: from the looks of some of these posts, TCF does not subject prospective employees to any sort of pre-employment testing?

There have been some salient points made here; and some so ridiculous, this sounds like a transcript from the Jerry Springer Show.

The moral of the story is:
1) The public school system in this country is clearly not working,

2) Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Yes; TCF does make a lot of money from our mistakes and oversights, and no doubt from their own while handling our accounts, as well.
But they are really just a microcosm of our society. The "American Way". And what is that? Get yours, and screw the other guy.
Not unlike the IRS, the insurance companies, the oil companies: whatever they CAN get away with, they WILL get away with. Charging exorbitant, and seemingly arbitrary, fees for very minor overdrafts and the use of ATMs? Absolutely. Who's going to stop them? Our state legislators? Now THATS funny.

No; we should not write checks with money we don't have. And yes; we all agree to said fees when we sign on the dotted line as we open our accounts. But, is making profits in such a way ethical, or "right", in a society that we are wont to boast is the greatest, most advanced, and most civilized in the world?

Who can say. Any blogger? Any politician? Any theologian? Any starving human being?

According to their 2007 Annual Report, TCF Financial Corporation "earned a record $266.8 million in 2007". My guess is that they didn't do so while bestowing compassion upon the thousands of people living in poverty within a few miles of their corporate palace in Wayzata. Nope. "Let them eat cake".

Never the less, take my post, and all the others, with that grain of salt. Everything you read on the Internet is not, by definition, the truth just because it is on the Internet. TCF is the best, TCF sucks, there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq... but, I digress.

People will argue and curse each other with their opinions as long as there are people. And banks, all banks, will probably not make profits by putting the interests of their customers before their own. But then again, neither will anyone else.
Dear xtcfcustomer,

I work at TCF.

Write a letter requesting that your account be closed and the remaining funds be mailed to you. Have the letter notarized. Mail the letter to 801 Marquette AV, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Bottom line - bank policies suck. But every bank has them. I've worked at more than one bank and all the crap listed on your poignant blog exists everywhere.

Happy banking to you at your new bank.
I recently just walked out and quit my job at TCF because I couldn't take it any more! I worked in their call center and let me tell you that even as a TCF employee I would NEVER bank there. TCF's business model is CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! Just like they give an account to ANYONE they also will hire ANYONE....including CRIMINALS. TCF pays their employees MUCH LESS than about anywhere else and then they wonders why their employees sell customers personal information so they can rob the accounts! HELLO??? Then try recruiting more educated people that can speak the English language and stop hiring from the GHETTO!! INTERNAL FRAUD IS A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH TCF!! In the time I was there they were always firing customer service reps for draining customers accounts. The worst thing is THEY DO NOT PROSECUTE EMPLOYEES FOR THEFT BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT THE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY!!!!

Thank God I escaped from such a horrible company and got a REAL job.
I'll never forget the time I went into the back and tried to deposit a $500 check taking $300 in cash out of my account that had over $3000 in it(all direct deposit) and the clerk told me with a straight face that they could not give me the cash because because my account had inssuficient verified funds. After a minute of back and forth with the goober I filled out a new deposit slip to deposit the wholde check, got my deposit slip and on the way out of the back took $300 out of the ATM. I have countless horror stories, even one of the "you account was deactivate for no know reason" or "all of the checks we just sent you in the mail (2 boxes) were canceled by you".

This is the worst bank u can ever bank with. PLEASE PLEASE take my advice. If u live in the hickory hills, il area, never go to the tcf thats traditional on 96th and roberts road. I was there today and deposited a check for 450 asking for 250 in cash back. The teller spent the whole time laughing, flirting and giggiling with this other guy who was running the drive through with her. I basically got the envelope back from here 5 minutes after she took it in the drawer, and the envelople was sealed like no ther envelope I have seen before.. I didn't think anything of it..BUT when I drove up just a little bit because there was another customer behind me waiting.. I stopped just past the window, opened the envelope and found only a hundered dollars back. I checked out the reciept to see if she had made a mistake and found that it said cash out 200. So she physcially only gave me a hundered but ran the transaction as if I took 2 hunderd back from her. I automatically went all the way around (since the drive up was one way) and went back to the same window. The male teller was there this time, I gave him everything back the way she gave it to me. and told him to tell the teller that she shorted me 100 bucks. He was smirking again, and told me I had to wait till she counted her drawer to make sure she is over 100. After 15 minutes of waiting, she comes to the window and tells me that her drawer is just fine and that she has balanced. She then told me that her supervisor has to come count it again for the second time. (figrues... I thought to myself, if she couldn't count it right the first time, then why would she the second time).. The supervisor came and was counitng for another 20 mintues, then came to the window and claimed that the teller is balancing. She came up with the excuse to say "its ur responsobility to count ur cash before you leave" I did freaken count it before I left. They treated me like dirt, were very unprofessinal and seemed to be acting suspicious. They treated me like I pocketed the money, and was trying to get more out of them. They have lost my buisness for good. The supervisor was extremley rude and they all seemed to be laughing and giggiling, while I was really upset on the other side. That made me even more mad, and I called the cops to file a report. I don't know whats going to happen now. The funny thing is, there was no branch manager on duty, and it all seemed like a lie. I know for sure the teller pocketed the money. I will get a lawyer and take this further, and it's not even about the stupid 100, its about the way I was mistreated.. I hope they catch her on camera.
My parents have used TCF for many years. I have got a NATIONAL CITY, account and have recived more then halg a grand ($500) in fees. I hate banks. I new only use my account to pay bills, and leave the balance as low as possible, These B*tches arent gonna get any more of my money.

I have also been a customer of TCF for the past 4 years. I have had many misc. issues such as my boyfriend depositing a check and on the recipt they show my balance. He was not on the account and they have done this several times!!!!! I live with him so it's not an issue but when the bank is not following there own rules, what do they have to stand on???? Thay have also charged me for research fees verifying the check from my boyfriend that also banks with them, I had to call twice and talk to two different people to get them to reverse the fee. The most recent issue has been my balance jumping around like a bouncy ball when everything is either posted or pending. I checked a day ago and today there is a hundred dollar difference, I went to Carls Jr. 7-11 and bought cigarettes and I didn't buy gas so there is no way I spent $100.00 my boyfriend and I can't figure what is going on. long story short I would not bank at TCF again!!!!
My experience with TCF? Terrible! I deposited 9000 dollars in May. TCF’s webpage shows it’s posted.. but I’m getting charged every time I try to draw money. I talk to TCF almost everyday, each time get a different story. In the meantime, I can’t pay my bill using MY money in the bank. TCF SUCKS! This is the last time I do business with it.
Hi thank you for making this site my ex husband and I are hiring a LAWYER they have been mess with us for 3YEARS and we have had it!!!!
I am also going to get a Lawyer, or would like to Join a Class Action Lawsuit against TCF Bank.

My name was on my Mother's account for emergency purpose's Only [like we for elderly parents]:

Feb.21st, 2008 she was killed in a car crash by a man running a red light.

Feb.22, went into the bank [with a witness] and informed them of this, and asked the teller if he could Freeze the account. He said yes, there's no fee, just a click of a button, and he did it- No payments electronicly or otherwise will go out of the 0 balance account.
I also informed the Bank Manager of what happened, she checked the account and said it was frozen. Assured me the account was indeed frozen, and that No payments electronicly or otherwise will go out of the 0 balance account. [She knew I had taken what was in there out, to pay off the Funeral Home Balance].

A couple of days later, we dropped off my Mother's Death Cert. as proof.

At the end of the Month, they made a payment from the account- Her car payment- electronically.! An UnAuthroized Payment.! They were told Directly- That if this did come in- Not To Pay It.! Just incase the loan co. wasnt able to stop there request on time.!

They paid it out of there own pocket. Then charged a over draft fee. I went to the bank whe I got notice, and they told me I'd have to contact the office, and gave me the #.

2 weeks later they sent it to Collections - with more fee's. AND They had Already Placed this On My Credit Report.!!!

Called there Office-They sent me to there Regipnal Managaer: He was rude, insisted the payment was not done electronically.

Said he'd check on it, and call me back. [to figure out another rip-off scam tactic...]

When he called me back, he said yes, the check payment was done electonically. And it would be a bank error/unauthorized payment Eccept:
TCF has no evidence the account had never been frozen, and there's No evidence that we had ever been in to notify them of her death or anything else.!

He was rude, and no matter what I said threw the whole contact time, is that they expected me to take the money in, constantly.

His final words: Take the payment in, and we'll see if we can get it off your credit report then.
See???? They didn't even garrentee it would come off...omg...
They destroyed a Legal Document.!

I'm handicap, my Mother was my only trans to work, we were best friends, I have no way of getting a round, I'm devastated.!
I now have No Income, I can't put any money out, I don't know how a class action lawsuit works etc...but would join one I think...

But I am getting a Lawyer, for not only the account issue, but for Slander [on my Credit Report.!] and Pain and Suffering they are causing me.!!!
I have just had my last bad experience with TCF, where again they made an error that will cost me an insufficient fund fee on my credit card, and they refuse to compensate me for it!
I just tried calling my local TCF branch to find out if they had a Notary Public and what time they would be available. I had to call the "800" number because no local number was listed. The woman at the "800" number said they couldn't give out the phone info, that they only called them by extensions. She said she would call them and get the info. Then said, too bad. The branch didn't open until 9:00 AM (it was about 8:30). No one was answering the phone and I should call back later and they would try to make the call again. What a waste of time! I have threatened to quit this bank many times. I never opened an account here; TCF just showed up and bought out my local bank. Then, they went and bought out the bank that held my mortgage, then sold it to a 3rd bank! It is very frustrating to deal with this bank. But, shame on me for not taking the time to switch to another. My daughter-in-law also hates TCF. Even when they moved to Minnesota, she made sure they banked with Wells Fargo. Back in Chicago, they use Chase. I've GOT to get out and switch banks!
This bank does not have a clue how to do business. Mona the branch manager was contacted in person on Thursday July 3rd 2008 at 9:05am to start a instant wire transfer , this was so I could get a car before the 4th and not be stuck taking taxi cabs everywhere.

Mona then said she processed the instant wire transfer, and 4 hours later I call up asking the status, she then takes 30min to tell me a routing number is wrong.

Come to find out it was NOT wrong, and next thing you know she cant process this instant transfer until Monday the 7th of July 2008.

Now I am stuck without a car, the people who I am buying the car off of think's I am full of crap because they never heard of a Bank doing this, saying a routing number is wrong when it is not.

But what is someone to expect when you are taking out a good amount of that banks money to another bank, which is the competition. TCF shows here that if you try to take money away, they make it near impossible, with fake problems and errors.

So Stay away from this bank, unless you want to have over $8,000 in limbo where its non refundable, so if these people sell the car, Im not only out a car, but over $8,000 , because you can NOT reverse a wire.

Thanks Mona, you made this 4th of July one to remember. A ruined one, and now I have to live with not knowing what the hell is going on with my money that is in limbo until monday.

If I had Mona's last name it would be posted here because she deserves to be called and told how great of a bank manager she is. NOT.

I hope you stuff your face this holiday Mona, because come monday you will get a call from me ever 1 min after 9am EST until you get this instant transfer done.

For anyone who thinks this is just a specific problem to this location, please cut/paste the below link, which is to a google search to show how many other websites / complaints are out there for this lovely bank :

Here is a good one for all you to listen to.
I am in line yesterday, the usuall 20 customers in line 2 people working, and everybody else not working at TCF LOL My buddy is there and makes a few comments about the laziness, and I get a dirty look from the Branch manager Maria at TCFbank in chicago at the Brickyard, just want everyone to know who she is!!
I finally get up there, she says nothing to me, no look, no nothing. Processes my transaction. I leave. The next three times I try to use my debit card, and is declined for $10 purchases. I call, they say it was compromised. They said why did you come in and get it deactivated? I went in I said and cashed a check, tahts it. They said that Maria, the branch manager at the branch i was at yesterday, deactivated my card, and had listed no purposes why. There you go, I have now filed a criminal complaint for bank fraud, and I am suing her, and TCF Bank for damages including, my time, the embarrasement of everyone looking at you after you cannot cover $10, and defamation of character. Good Old TCF!!!
For everyone on here who is upset with TCF Bank or loves TCF... I am a manager of TCF and have worked for them for nine years. I'm not here to praise or complain about the bank. All I have to say is that a bank is a bank. No matter where you go people are going to have good experiences and bad. Wether it's policies and procedures or customer service. Just do a search for other blogs on google about banks like Wells Fargo, Us Bank or whatever bank and you'll see someone who is upset with some policy, employee, or mishandling of some transaction. Plain and simple: learn how to manage your money! READ YOUR LITERATURE about the banks policies, fees, cutoff times, and general federal regulations about the way banks work. It's all out there for you to see. And once your informed then bank with whomever fits you best. But remember employees are people and every so often people make mistakes. It doesn't matter what bank you go to mistakes will happen from time to time. Just like in any other business. Maybe to you, a family member, or a friend/coworker. It's bound to happen no matter where you bank, but if you know what you are doing, do a little research, and treat your banks employees with respect you should have no problems. And if any issues do arise and you don't go off the handle it'll be resolved (more often than not) painlessly. Just remember people who work at banks have a very stressful job and there is a lot of responsibility and policies/regulations to learn. It can be a bit overwhelming for new tellers, so treat them with respect like you would like to be treated. This is one of the biggest issues I have had in the long time I've worked at the bank is lack of respect towards my employees. A lot of people snap at an employee just because they work for the company. This is misguided anger and really takes a toll on the employee and as a result can turn a good, understanding, and helpful employee into a stubborn and callas "I don't care" employee. Remember "a bank is a bank" you'll love one and hate the other and your friend will love the one you hate and hate the one you love, that life. Thats about all I have to say.
xtcfcustomer -- I sympathize with your frustration. Clearly, you have had many issues/run arounds. As a customer, I completely understand from your point of view how unprofessional TCF has been/poorly treated you. I also want to thank you for having the energy and determination to set up this site.

With that said, I am a current TCF customer/former employee and have mixed feelings about the bank. "They" are not all terribly bad. When I was an employee, I'd like to think I treated customers with respect and courteous service (for the most part). Knowing I am not perfect, I am sure I have given an undeserving victim attitude but I have received plenty in the same. And, I agree giving people the run around doesn't make much sense but some does it to annoy customers other does it because they follow "policy". Really, there is no right or wrong -- just real aggravating.

Working behind the counter for most part of my career life, I qualify to say it isn't easy dealing with people (in general) especially people and/with money. For those who believe they are wrongly treated by TCF employees, they also could be the ones creating a hard day for those same employees. In truth, I don't believe TCF employees are out to ruin a customer's day.

My personal/professional opinion regarding TCF bank is "what you see, is what you get." TCF intentionally targets people who are financially ignorant. Does that make them cruel, maybe -- maybe not. I see it as a give/take relationship. They are a for-profit business and need income to support their staff, costs, etc. If individuals do not learn to keep their bank statements/nor view them, TCF will prey on them like an eagle preying on a mouse. My advice: reconcile bank statements, keep all records and sacrifice a smile when you approach the counter after a long wait (applies to all types of transactions -- not just TCF Bank records.)

In hindsight, I have no regrets working/banking with TCF because through them, I learned a lot about banking. I do keep a couple of accounts because of their convenient hours/friends still working there ;). I am indifferent but would not invest too much in big banks. Small community banks and credit unions is best for quality service and, loans. <---side note, check that out for time of need!

Thanks all for listening to me ramble on. I only accept good comments; please forward any criticisms and complaints to TCF Customer Service. =)
I also am a former TCF employee, manager, bank officer. And all of the negative statements posted are founded. They not only have very incompetent people working there with little or no training, they have no regard for people as humans. They make it extremely difficult for employees to do there jobs which makes the employees short and unconcered regarding the customers. They put people in charge give them titles and no authority to supervise or have authority. Please don't blame your unpleasant experiences on the tellers. THEY HAVE NO CONTROL they are treated like and expected to behave like ROBOTS. I agree take your money and RUN
I also am a former employee of TCF and still keep my main checking account with them as well, I think that you totally hit the nail on the head. But, I think that it has partly to do with the location ( by location I mean state) of TCF you are dealing with. I am from Minnesota and worked in a northern suburb.

It all comes down to the golden rule that we all have been taught in the first grade... "Treat others the way that you would like to be treated." And that goes for dealing with bank, to relationships with any person, to co-workers, to the guy at the fast food place. We all need to work to support ourselves. It's neither here nor there what happens it all come down to being nice is gonna get you farther then being mean or yelling.

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